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Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock And Barrel

    Whether they’re the Oogie Boogie’s gang or Jack Skellington’s semi-reformed liars, Lock, Shock, and Barrel are some of the most well-known inhabitants of Halloween Town. They’re all adorable and menacing and have their methods of spooking and scaring their neighbors. Make a plan to take on Sandy Claws, and find out if you’re Lock Barrel or Shock.

    Barrel is regarded as the dumbest out of three troublemakers even though he claims against the contrary. The Barrel is the subject of numerous jokes his coworkers share but usually comes out on top with his tricks, which the gang always gets out of. Barrel wears a skeleton costume and has deformed feet; however, he is a normal human boy, though one who has white, bright eyes and perfectly coifed green hair. The face of Barrel is round, and he constantly smiles even when he’s upset. The barrel is typically the leader of the bath tub that the trio uses as a means of transportation. The barrel also loves eating lollipops.

    Shock is the most clever and smartest and the most skeptical and the only female among Oogie’s men in the gang. She harbors a certain resentment for the two other men for their apparent insanity and is often a challenger to Lock for the leader position; however, she follows Lock’s orders most of the time. Shock wears the purple witch costume, accompanied by an extended cape. There’s no distinction in her costume and face, aside from the latter’s green hue and absence of any particular facial features (except eyes and noses). She’s usually quick to resolve any disagreements between her and her boys, and if she is not doing it in the most pleasant ways.

    Lock is the head of the Oogie’s Boys; however, he does not always think clearly and seems to be second-most intelligent after Shock. Lock is dressed in a devil’s costume. His teeth are pointed in a sharp direction, his face small with a chin that is pointed as well as his locks are shaved into two horns. This makes Lock a stunning devil. His barbed tail is real and is attached to the body. He enjoys being big and in control and is annoyed when people disrespect him or follow him. But, he will go to the ideas of others even if he’s unable to come to his ideas. He had proven himself right at times when he said Santa Claus could fit into any structure (i.e., chimneys and Oogie’s sacrificial shoot).

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