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Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From Android?

    In general, with regards to the retrieval of deleted files, it’s more likely to get new files deleted in the last few days as opposed to recovering files deleted long in the past on Android. This is because the longer you keep the deleted photos or other files on your phone it’s more probable that you’ll be at risk of overwriting deleted files for every gigabyte of data you write. Therefore, can deleted files be recovered by Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, or other Android devices?

    The answer is Yes if you’ve saved the deleted files from years ago and backups are accessible. You can restore the deleted files from Android 2 years ago, or even for a longer time. Even if you don’t have backups of your photos or videos that you deleted long ago, you have an excellent probability of locating and restoring the files using an All-in-One Android program for data retrieval so long as the deleted files aren’t overwritten.

    What Causes The Video File Deletion On Android?

    Several causes could lead to the loss of video files on Android.

    Here are a few of the scenarios that are common because of which you could lose important video videos on Android.

    • Errorfully or accidentally accidentally, deletion
    • Broken or cracked screen of Android
    • Infected with the virus or malware
    • Dropping the gadget on any surface of the water
    • Resetting the device factory
    • Forgot your password/pin/pattern or pin
    • Screens in black or white

    If you’re reading this, you’re anxious to know how I restore videos permanently deleted on my Android.

    How do I recover deleted videos from an Android Phone?

    Recovery of deleted videos isn’t a simple task. To retrieve the majority of deleted videos from Android it is necessary to keep in mind certain details. The following are:

    Beware of downloading any new content
    The device must be connected to the Internet or performing any other job
    Do not turn off your phone.
    This is done to reduce the risk of losing your information. After this, the next step is to install the top video recovery software for Android to recover deleted videos immediately.

    Recover Lost/Deleted Videos On Android Via Google Drive

    Do you regularly back up the videos you have on Google Drive?
    If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to retrieve lost videos on an Android phone that does not have a computer.

    First, you need to open Google Drive on the phone and, if you are required to log in, enter the account that you previously used for backup.
    Here, you can view all the videos and photos that you’ve stored on Google Drive.
    Select the images and videos you wish to restore. Then, download the videos onto your phone.

    How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From Android Recycle Bin

    Samsung phones come with the option of recycling bins in which deleted files are kept. If you’re searching for missing videos then check them here.

    Follow these steps to remove videos from your Samsung phone:

    • Then, you must launch Gallery. Then, open the Gallery application on your Samsung device.
    • Click on the three dots icon and click Recycle Bin
    • Samsung recycle bin
    • Here, you can view all the videos that have been deleted and other files
    • Choose the videos you would like to restore and click the Restore button

    Restore Lost Videos With Specialized Software

    If you haven’t found the videos you lost inside the Recycle Bin, there’s no reason to worry. It’s not a problem, at least for now! Numerous solutions specialize in finding and bringing deleted videos back from the edge. There is a myriad of choices, we typically opt with Disk Drill Data Recovery, which is a fantastic combination of capabilities and ease of use. To retrieve deleted movies in Windows 10 with it:

    • Download the tool: Go to the official website of the company download and put it onto your PC as you would the alternative app. Download Disk Drill from its official website
    • Launch Disk Drill Start Disk Drill as well. Then, if requested, let it modify your system – it needs the ability to access your storage device to be capable of “pulling out” your lost documents to it. Run Disk Drill and grant permission to access your devices for storage
    • Choose the device: Select the storage device on which your videos were lost before their deletion. Choose the device to search for missing video data
    • The Scan Process Starts: Begin the scan through the Search button for lost data at the right. Click to Search For Lost Data to begin the scan for deleted videos.
    • Review Items found Check out the documents Disk Drill located while the scanning process is in progress. Click Review found items on the right-hand side to examine the items. Disk Drill will show its results from the scan in real-time, even while the process is in progress.
    • Choose the Video Files you Are Trying to recover If Disk Drill already located your videos, you may stop the process of scanning by clicking to stop scanning on the left side of the screen. Select the videos you wish to recover by clicking the “tick” on their left. Put an asterisk next to the videos you wish to retrieve.
    • Begin the Recovery: Begin the recovery process by clicking click on the newly enabled Recover button on the left-hand side. Select where you want to recover them when you are asked. If Disk Drill informs you about the outcome of the procedure it will also provide to display the recovered files in Explorer. Pick that option, and then browse the subfolders that you’ll discover to find your previous lost videos.

    How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos From Google Photos On Android

    Google Photos allows you to view deleted videos. Uploads of photos or videos for Google Photos are saved automatically once the app is linked via the Google account.

    • Then, start by opening your Google Photos app on Android.
    • Then, click the Menu option that will appear in the upper left-hand corner.
    • Now, tap on the Trash.
    • You must select the photos and videos you want to retrieve.
    • Simply click on the Restore option.

    Where Are Videos Stored On Android Phone?

    Usually, when you save videos to your phone, they are automatically stored in the smartphone’s internal memory.

    However, if you’re using a memory card for an external storage source you’ll be able to select the location of your default storage.

    These steps will assist you to determine which video files are saved.

    • Go to the phone’s Settings and then navigate to Apps > All apps
    • Then, locate the File Manager option and click on it.
    • In File Manager, you’ll find various “Categories” which are named by the various folder names.
    • Find the video folder, then tap it.
    • Now, all videos you saved will show on the phone’s screen.

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