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Roku Low Power / Insufficient Power

    When your Roku device cannot get enough power, you will get a low-power or an insufficient power warning. This means that the source of energy isn’t sufficient to supply the energy your Roku requires. A variety of errors will pop up,

    “Insufficient Power”: Use an outlet with a USB power adapter to charge your Roku device. The USB port on the TV doesn’t supply enough power. For more help, visit”

    “Insufficient Energy: current HDMI Port in your television cannot be able to power the Roku device. Use the supplied Roku USB power source.”

    The issue usually happens on Roku devices connected via the USB port, which might not have enough power on a level with the device’s requirements. If you don’t see the warning displayed on the screen, a flashing red light will appear on your Roku television or player screen.

    What is the reason why my Roku Keep displaying low power?

    First, you must find the source of the low-power problem. If your Roku is not functioning, there could be many reasons. What can you do to distinguish between a power problem and a different hardware issue?

    It’s pretty easy. There will be a notice that appears on your TV screen with a plug-in icon as well as lightning bolts on it. Looks familiar, right?

    And then there will be a signal that will read:

    “The present USB connector on your television is not able to be able to power the Roku device. Make use of the Roku USB power source.” You are now sure that an insufficient power source is a reason for your interruption in Roku entertainment. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

    How do I fix Roku Problems with Power – Low Power 5 Steps to Fix It?

    We all know that users these days are usually experiencing Roku problems with low power. As a result of the same issue, I’m putting together the steps on this page without introducing any technical language. I suggest you look down to find the steps required to solve Roku’s more minor issues.

    How do you reset your factory settings on your Roku?

    The factory reset can be a method of thermonuclear repair to resolve issues. As the name implies, it will restore your Roku to the condition it was when you took it from the box. This means all your settings, including the networks and channels you downloaded, will be deleted. Therefore, we recommend keeping this information in your pocket if anything goes wrong.

    Step 1. Click the button Home on the Roku remote.

    Step 2: Scroll up or down, select Settings, followed by Advanced system and System settings.

    Step 3. Select Factory reset, Factory reset everything, then follow the on-screen directions.

    The steps above assume the Roku is working and offers you the option of using the menus on the screen.

    Switch the USB Cable

    Power issues in Roku generally are caused due to a broken USB connection. A wire that is not Roku’s official wire could cause problems in delivering enough power to the device, which can result in lower voltages that cause this issue. If you’re using an inferior and unreliable wire, you must replace it with a genuine Roku wire to ensure the highest quality.

    Use this adapter to use the Roku Power Cord Adapter.

    For most Roku streaming media players, as well as sticks that are compatible with Roku, you will get an adapter for power or a cord that comes with one.

    It is easy to accomplish this by taking your Roku out of the USB port located on the bottom of the television and reconnecting to it through the USB connector on your Roku power adapter for power. Plug the adapter into any outlet on your wall.

    In case you’ve lost the original, a new power cord may be ordered on the internet. The cable that charges must supply the correct quantity of energy to whatever device it charges, or else it won’t function.

    Sometimes charging cables online is more affordable since they do not provide the same power. If you’re unsure, you must go through your Roku Power Supply Guide and the particular Roku device.

    Unplug power extension cables as well as HDMI extension cables.

    It is standard routine to connect the TV and the Roku using HDMI and Power Extension cords; however, at times, these cables can fail, resulting in device overheating and the emergence of the notice above. So, make sure you remove every HDMI or other extension.

    You can Factory reset your Roku device.

    If none of these options work, attempt the Factory Reset on your Roku device to remove any technical issue.

    Note that Performing Factory Reset will delete all settings, saved account information, and other information of the Roku device. Therefore, before making a Factory Reset get a backup of your most important information.

    The home button is the first button you press on your device’s remote.

    Click on settings.

    Select the System.

    Then click “Advanced”.

    Select the menu at the bottom, click “Factory Reset”, and then connect it to initiate a reset of the Roku device.

    Once the reset process is completed, verify whether your issue is solved.

    Contact Roku Support

    You’ve likely resolved your power problem at this moment. However, if you’ve exhausted your list of alternatives and your device isn’t functioning correctly, you’ll need to reach out to Roku support to find out if they can provide a solution that isn’t as common.

    Find how to find the serial code of the gadget by looking beneath the “About” tab in the system settings. Contact support, and give them your device’s serial number and the steps you’ve taken to date.

    What happens if the TV doesn’t include a USB port?

    It is possible to transfer downloaded videos to a USB flash drive using OTG cable OTG cable or an adapter for your mobile or personal computer. The industry is linked to your TV. Things like wired mice and keyboards can also be connected to the TV via the USB port. This connection is typically available on Smart TVs.

    Does Roku require power?

    It is important to note that the Roku Stick needs to be constantly connected to an electrical outlet. The best method for charging your device is connecting to the television Stick to the power outlet since it requires moderate power to operate at its best. You may also be able to power your device using the television’s USB port.


    When your Roku is warning you of a “low power”, warning It’s because it is hooked up to the USB port on your TV, and that port isn’t supplying enough power!

    It is necessary to connect an adapter or power cord for your Roku power cord adapter and plug your Roku direct into an outlet on the wall rather than.

    Signs of low power, apart from the message that appears, could include blinking red lights on your Roku and occasional behaviour (like crashes, buffering or freezing, and generally unstable).

    If you’ve connected your Roku directly into a wall outlet and are still having problems, Clean the cache on your Roku!

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