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Samsung TV Black Screen of Death [Full Solution]

    Is the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death among the most frustrating problems you could encounter. You’re expecting your TV to offer flawless performance and unique images. It suddenly becomes all black. The sound is still heard. However, there is no visual. It’s like having a hardware issue, but there are many possible causes for this.

    Before you decide to get rid of the television and purchase an additional one or dig in your pockets to solve the problem, There are a few possible solutions you can explore. The problem could stem from several factors, such as the source, cables, or other inputs. If this isn’t the dead black screen, it is possible to troubleshoot and fix the issue yourself at your home. However, certain situations could signify that the screen’s dead, and you’ll need expert service.

    What causes Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death?

    There could be a variety of reasons to be able to spot your screen black. It could be due to a loose input cable. Perhaps there was an issue with the software in the Android TV or some other like. Do not dismiss the issue as a hardware malfunction if you are still hearing the audio. There is a chance that there’s the possibility of a solution.

    Sources are a problem.

    Additionally, the issue may be caused by issues related to the source like cable box, DVD player, or any other external source. To determine if the issue is related to the sources, use the Menu button on the remote. If the menu is displayed at the top of the television screen, it is the source.

    Sleep Timer Off

    You may have accidentally turned the sleep timer off or the energy-saving mode off. The sleep timer is likely to close your TV following the set time. It could also be why your TV displays an unreadable black screen. The power-saving feature could cause this issue on the Samsung Smart TV.

    Firmware is outdated

    The issue could be triggered if the display settings are not up-to-date on the system firmware. So, the software on the system should be kept up-to-date to resolve this issue.

    Change the Batteries of Your Remote

    Many people claim that they could fix the problem with the black screen by changing the batteries on their remote. It’s not a good idea. However, it’s pretty possible that changing the batteries could solve the issue, but what happens if changing the batteries in the remote solves the issue of black screens.

    Samsung TV Black Screen of Death Solution

    Verify that the cable is connected

    Check that all cables that are connected to external devices are correctly connected in the proper way to your Samsung screen. Should any connection be not correctly connected, this could cause the Samsung TV to the black screen of death fix.

    The most reliable way to verify is to disconnect all connections to the cable and reconnect them tightly. Make sure you pay particular attention to connecting the power cable and the power supply. Connect the power cable to any other port, as often some plug-in ports are also damaged.

    Change the HDMI Input

    This is a straightforward option to try, but it could help resolve your problem. If, for example, your TV was connected to HDMI 1 input, try changing it to another input and see if that is working.

    Seek Professional Services

    If you believe your Samsung TV’s setup is far too complex and costly to DIY and repair, you should seek an expert. It may sound like a last resort; however, it’s been suggested as a possible solution by those unhappy with your Samsung TV having a black screen.

    Replace them with new ones and see if you can bring your TV back to its former glory. It’s a cinch for lots of people.

    Check the backlight of your TV.

    If the backlight on your TV is damaged or broken, it could lead to this type of issue; make sure you check your television’s backlight by turning on the TV and then, using a flashlight and place it about 1-2 inches away from the screen. If you can see an image appear on your TV display (where your flashlight’s pointed), then this indicates that your TV’s backlight has failed.

    Factory Reset

    If upgrading to the most recent firmware version doesn’t resolve your black screen problem, you can try the factory reset of your Samsung television (only if you’re able to gain access to the setting). However, before you reset the TV to factory settings, you should know that all your data and saved files will be erased. There’s a thought that’s popping up you in the head.

    Final Thoughts

    The black Tv screen of death issue can be an annoying display issue. The cause is an issue with the cable or hardware. However, you can correct this problem by connecting the cables to their ports correctly.

    If you want your TV to work better, you must turn off all power-saving modes. The functions will continue to operate, but you could encounter issues if your setting is incorrect.

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