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Samsung TV Plus Channels Not Working or Disappeared

    Samsung TVs are confused and angry in the event that they are left in a state of confusion and frustration as the Samsung TV Plus application mysteriously disappears from their TVs. The application disappears suddenly, taking people off guard without prior notification or approval. Although attempts have been made to fix the problem through a TV restart or factory reset, reset users need help retrieving the disappeared app. Although the website versions for Samsung TV Plus continue to work, the mysterious disappearance of the TV app caused a lot of confusion and concern in users’ minds.

    Recognizing the issue, Samsung has assured users that an update is being processed to fix the problem. The timetable to bring the app back is between 48 and 72 hours. The root of the issue and the need for advance notification from Samsung make it more difficult to predict the outcome and leave users waiting with anticipation for its return in their devices.

    How come the Samsung TV Plus disappeared?

    This Samsung TV Plus app is unavailable since the service is not available. Customers cannot access the application or receive a “Not there” message on their TVs.

    Although many people have tried to restart the Samsung televisions, the application has not been able to be installed. Also, no new updates have been released for this system in the past, which means that the app can’t be established. Additionally, the website Version of Samsung TV Plus is still running as it should, so it is a problem only with users of the Samsung TV Plus app.

    How do I fix it? Samsung TV Plus disappeared.

    Factory reset of the TV

    Want a complete do-over? You can reset every TV setting (excluding the network settings) back to the factory settings.

    Start Settings and choose General.

    Choose Reset, type in the PIN (0000 is the standard), and then choose Reset.

    For a complete Reset, click the OK button. The TV will then restart itself.

    If the steps above don’t work for your television, head to Settings, select Support and select Self Diagnosis. The option to reset will appear within that menu. It is also possible to check the user’s manual for precise details for your particular TV model.

    Mirror the Samsung TV Plus app.

    Install the Samsung TV Plus app from the Google Play Store.
    Start your Samsung TV Plus app and select the program you wish to view.
    Tap down at the highest point of your screen and choose “Smart View”.
    Choose your TV, then tap “Start right now” to replicate Samsung TV Plus on your television. Samsung TV Plus app to your TV.

    Check Your Internet Connection

    Samsung TV Plus is an online streaming service, implying that a reliable and speedy Internet connection is essential for it to function properly. So, it is important to test your Internet connection when you notice your device displays the “Samsung TV Plus is Not Operating” error. For a clear understanding of your current network condition, You can assess your speed. For streaming video, it is recommended that your Internet speed be at a minimum of 5 Mbps.

    Restart the router to boost your Internet speed if your Internet connection is not working. You can go to the next option if your Internet connection is functioning well.

    Reset Network Settings

    If you find something amiss in your network settings, you can change them effortlessly. Verifying your WiFi credentials another time following the Reset will be necessary.

    Go to Settings > General > Network if you have a Smart TV.
    Click Reset Network and confirm the move.
    When you’re done, input your WiFi credentials, then reboot your TV.

    Reset Samsung Smart Hub to the Defaults

    A corrupted software installation for the Samsung Smart Hub (which lets users sideload apps from third-party sources onto their television) could cause the Samsung TV Plus to be unable to function. Samsung TV Plus and resetting the Samsung Smart Hub may solve the TV Plus issue. Before moving, back up all essential TV data (like app logins) and data.

    Open the Settings on the Samsung TV and go to the tab for Support.
    Open Device Care and choose Self Diagnostics.
    After that, select Reset Smart Hub. If requested, input your TV’s pin and type in the.

    When the Reset has been completed, install it and check whether the Samsung TV Plus is functioning normally.


    This tutorial on fixing Samsung TV Plus is not working or not showing useful to you. If you have other suggestions beyond what we’ve provided and shared with the readers, please let us know via the comment section below! If you have any questions about the article, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to assist!

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