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Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

    Get acquainted with the Skeleton Soldier is a minuscule but fiercely loyal soldier who protects its master Lady Succubus. The Skeleton Soldier’s dream of a peaceful life with her is destroyed when both are brutally killed by an army of warriors at some point. However, what could have been a sad end for an ordinary person’s life, turns into an opportunity for a fresh start in the event that the Skeleton Soldier’s eyes open again, it’s been transported to the past 20 years! “I must inform Lady Succubus of the events to be expected!” With no unique fighting skills, and a long history of defeat and failure How can they prevent the horrific incidents from happening once more? Keep an eye on this Skeleton Soldier through its experience as it tackles the toughest task of all: rewriting the ending of its own tale.

    Skeleton Soldiers Can’t Protect the Dungeon

    Skeleton Soldier Wasn’t able to defend The Dungeon Manhwa was released on the 18th of January, 2018. The main objective was to defend his master. He was powerless to defend her. However, destiny has more plans for him when he is given another chance to defend his master once again and alter his destiny.


    Skeleton was a normal Skeleton Soldier minion that was placed beneath the demon Lord Baal.

    The story of his life as a human being is still unknown. His grave , where his remains lie was buried with no clues to his history. The gravestone was so badly scratched that it was impossible to even read the name of his deceased father on it.

    Skeleton is believed to have been the first to be revived by a lower-ranking necromancer known as Rubia but recent chapters indicate otherwise.


    His sole purpose was to guard his master. But he was powerless to do anything to help her. However, fate has something else to offer him when the chance arises to defend his master once more, and to alter his fate.

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