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Sony Digital Audio Video Control Center

    It is the Sony Audio Video Control Center is an audio video receiver that can be connected directly to the majority of audio sources, ranging from a TV to a Blu-ray player, and even an audio CD player. There are three cables that are available, which means you can choose one of them to connect your device directly to the Sony Audio Control Center. After connecting the device to the receiver, it will play audio from the audio equipment.

    Sony STR-DE485 Digital Audio/Video Control Center Multi-Channel Decoding Working. Sony The STR DE485 Control Center for Digital Audio/Video Multi-Channel decoding Testing & Working This comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee! HAS been tested and is GOOD CONDITION It does not come with any other items that are that are not listed and have not been mentioned the item is sold with. *Unless stated otherwise, any power cords or adapters are not included. No other equipment is included with the sale.

    How do I set up the settings for my Sony Digital Audio Control Center?

    • How to Connect a Sony Audio Control Center
    • Connect in the HDMI cable in one of the “HDMI Out” ports on the TV or any other high-definition audio/video devices.
    • If you don’t possess an HDMI connection for the audio device, connect your digital audio cable to the “Digital Audio Out” port on the audio device.
    • Do I link my smartphone via Bluetooth to Sony Audio Center?
    • Android(tm) devices equipped with NFC:
    • Make sure to enable the NFC settings on your mobile device.
    • Tap the Music Center icon to launch Music Center.
    • Click to activate the + (Add device) button, and then choose Connect via NFC.

    Make sure you touch your NFC marking on the smartphone to it to NFC marks on the device you are using for audio.

    How to Connect a Pioneer Receiver

    Connect the speakers directly to the Pioneer receiver.

    A Pioneer receiver transfers the sound from your gaming device, and DVD player to speakers that are connected. Based on the model of the gadget you are using the process of connecting will differ, but connecting your audio system to your Pioneer receiver is essentially similar.

    Source Equipment

    Step 1

    Be sure to check the source device (TV or DVD player cable receiver) for the highest quality audio output. HDMI is the most effective, though it’s only accessible in HD equipment. The next option is digital-optical audio and the last one can be RCA audio wires.

    Step 2

    Connect the cable to one of the “Audio Out” ports on the device that you are using as the source (either the HDMI digital audio, digital-optical audio as well as RCA audio cable).

    Step 3

    Connect the other end(s) from the cable(s) to the “Audio In” connection(s) on the TV.

    Step 4

    Turn on the source device as well as turn on the Pioneer receiver. Select the input connector that you’re using (HDMI or digital audio or the RCA) and the audio that comes from the source that is connected plays.

    Do I get the security of my Sony surround sound system?

    • Take these steps in order to unblock or unblock the tray:
    • Turn on the Home Theater System.
    • Hold the STOP button as well as the EJECT button simultaneously for five seconds.
    • The message”UNLOCKED” will be displayed to indicate that the DVD disc tray is not locked.
    • What can I do to restore the settings on my Sony Receiver to factory settings?
    • Initialize or Reset My Audio/Video (A/V) Receiver to Factory Default Settings
    • Press the Power button to shut off the receiver.
    • Press and hold the power button.
    • For approximately 5 seconds, hold the button before releasing the power button.
    • How to Convert MP3 to a Sony Atrac

    Convert your MP3 audio files

    Atrac is an audio-format utilized in the older Sony stereo systems as well as mobile music players. The format has been mostly ignored, however should you own an older Sony Atrac device, you’ll require converting MP3 files to Atrac format prior to when you transfer them onto your device to play music.

    Step 1

    Download and install an audio converter program such as one found at or All three websites offer audio converter software that works in a similar way, and can convert MP3 files into the Atrac format.

    Step 2

    Install the audio converter software on your computer, and then select on the “Add File” button on the screen. Choose your MP3 audio files that you want to convert.

    Step 3

    Repeat the process of selecting files until you’ve chosen all audio files you’d like to convert.

    Step 4

    Choose “Atrac3” from the format option menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Then, choose the destination you’d like the converted files to be saved.

    Step 5

    “Convert” Click “Convert” to change the MP3 audio files to the Sony Atrac format.

    What is my reset switch on the Kenwood automobile stereo?

    Choose a pointed tool, like a small screwdriver. Find the small red triangle that lights up button that is located to the upper left corner of the stereo. hold it for five minutes. This will reset the settings of your Kenwood stereo.

    How do I find the key code that I need for the stereo of my vehicle?

    Follow the steps listed below to discover the radio’s code for your car’s stereo.

    Check Your Owner’s Manual. The most reliable place to find the radio’s code is the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

    • Visit the Manufacturer’s Website.
    • Visit your local dealer.
    • Contact a Local Automotive Audio Installation Center.
    • How do I take the Bluetooth devices from the Sony stereo?
    • Eliminating the pairing information for Bluetooth audio devices
    • In the menu Home, choose [Bluetooth] from the Home menu.

    Select [Manage Added Devices].

    Choose the option menu, then select [Delete Device] as the device you’d like to delete – – [Yes].

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