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Sony in Ear Monitors

    The Best Sony Earbuds to Buy Guide Welcoming to What Hi-Fi? Our roundup of the top Sony headphones you can buy in 2022.

    Are you ready to throw away the earbuds you received free with your phone? Sony has some of the top earbuds available, so they should be on your list. With so many holidays offers to be had, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your earbuds.

    No matter if you’re looking for wired earbuds that sound great, Bluetooth buds with extended battery life, or the most advanced wireless earbuds, we’ve evaluated the top Sony Earbuds, including the brand new WF-1000XM4 and put them together below. Sony recently unveiled the WF-C500 earbuds at a bargain price that might be worth looking into.

    Sony IER-M7 In-ear monitors

    In-ear monitors are made for musicians, designed to enhance the emotion and tone you bring to your performances. With 4x Sony’s first Balanced Armature units, high-quality sound isolation and a durable design, you’ll be able to perform with a precise balance of tones on the stage. The unique Balanced Armature shaped like a T provides more linear motion and accurate, clear high notes.

    Improve it to the next stage using the IER M7 in-ear monitor headphones designed specifically for musicians. With the precise sonic transmission and a secure fitting, you’ll be able to perform with a precision fully.

    Sony’s audio-grade custom capacitor inside the cross-over circuit provides lower distortion. The audio grade capacitor used in the IER M7 headphones produces a smooth, soft sound. In addition, audio-grade solder can also help to reduce any signal loss.

    Our earbuds are available in 13 variants, including six triple comforts and seven hybrid Silicon. You can get the perfect to fit any shape of your ear, with the combination of hard silicone rubber and specially designed formed silicone to perfectly blend to sound while remaining stable and easy to put on for extended periods.

    Sony WF-1000XM4

    They deliver among the most vibrant sounding, precise and balanced performances we’ve heard from Bluetooth buds. Bass notes sound clear and smooth, while the vocals are refined and sophisticated. The music’s tempo keeps your attention and will make you grateful for the eight-hour battery life that is top-of-the-line in this field.

    They’re also comfortable to wear. The compact earpieces come with control buttons that are touch sensitive and a brand innovative ear tip design that assists in noise reduction. Add this to Sony’s superb noise cancellation, and you’ll have an earphone that can effectively block out the noise and noise.

    IPX4 water resistance is part of the WF-1000XM4 bundle, Sony’s innovative Headphones Connect app for iOS and Android, and innovative features like Speak-To Chat and Quick Attention.

    Sony IER-M9

    I vividly remember hearing about the Sony IER-M9 several months ago and being amazed by the quality of what I heard. It was highly sturdy up to the point where I had difficulty identifying any issues of any significance. After only a few minutes of using it, I instantly set it at the very top of my list.

    Do not worry if you think I’m buttering up the IER M9 or even shilling. I needed to hear it over and over to make sure I could arrange the IEM exchange with the nearby enthusiast I’d heard the song from. After further analysis, the critic within me is thrilled to declare that the product has a lot of issues to point out. So, sit back, unwind, take out the popcorn…oh and on the way, I’ll try the best I can to emphasize the positive aspects too.

    Sony WF-1000XM3

    Despite being replaced by the more recent WF-1000XM4 (above), these authentic wireless earbuds remain in the top tier of the Sony in-ear headphones we’ve tried. They’re not the most recent and best earbuds made by Sony; there are numerous WF-1000XM3 discounts all over.

    The WF1000XM3s are equipped with unique active noise cancellation technology and a handy carry case that doubles as a charging case that allows you to enjoy the possibility of playing back up to 32 hours wirelessly.

    The fit is comfy and secure, meaning they won’t slide off as you ascend an elevator. They’re packed with features, such as subtle controls for volume and music playback. They’re vibrant, precise and musical.

    Sony In-Ear Monitors Headphone – IERM7

    Enhance the emotion and expression of your performance by using the IER-M7 In-ear monitors specifically designed for musicians. With 4x Sony’s first Balanced Armature Units, with high levels of sound isolation, and a secure design, you will be able to perform with precise tonal balance on the stage.

    Based on the Quad BA sound system to the suitable magnesium inner housing and an optimized sound pathway, the IER-M7’s structure is constructed from top-quality components. Therefore, you can rely on them to help you sound the best.

    The IER-M7 has been designed to hold their position comfortably for all ear sizes. With a tight-fitting and perfect shape for the housing, every earbud remains in the proper position even when you’re on stage. With silver-coated OFC as silk braid insulation from the top of the line model, the IER-M7 cable gives you the best performance.

    Sony WF-C500

    It comes with the IPX4 rating for water- and splash resistance. You also get fast pair connectivity for Android devices and quick pairing with Windows 10 PCs. It is possible to use Google Assistant or Siri to manage these devices, but neither is built into the platform.

    The sound is well even and balanced; the Mid-range is brimming with details, and the vocals are presented with a consistent style. Can the WF-C500 sound better? Yes, some alternatives’ more convincing in their punch. For the price, it’s a decent sound performance.

    Downsides? The battery life is 10 hours on the buds and 10 hours from the case, which isn’t much compared with other brands. However, if you’re looking for an affordable pair of earbuds, Sony WF-C500 is a must at the top of your list.

    Sony WF-XB700

    Comfort is a good thing, and we discovered they could be found inside our ear and then forget that they were there. A button on each of the buds provides basic controls like play/pause, skip tracks.

    The WFXB700 are part of Sony’s Extra Bass range of audio products, which means they’re designed to emphasize the low-frequency response, not to provide an even sound balance. The result is a powerful low-end but does not obscure high and mid-frequency frequencies, and the result is acceptable levels of responsiveness.

    Sure of Sony’s more expensive in-ears offer more detail and softness and have active noise cancellation technology, but should you want a sporty design, these might be the ideal Sony earbuds to choose.

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