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Sony TV No Sound (How to Fix)

    There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a brand new expensive television and experiencing it to be inoperable. The most common problem with Sony televisions is that audio stops working and switches on by itself, which isn’t the best experience if you’re watching your favorite movie or TV show when the volume suddenly drops out.

    There are a variety of solutions you can test at home before calling experts so that your TV will not sit in a corner waiting for it to be fixed by a different person. This is how you can solve Sony TV No Sound problems at your home.

    Why is my TV’s sound not working?

    If it’s a problem with the settings or an incorrect HDMI(r) input There are a variety of reasons your television could not play audio. Asurion Experts have encountered these issues most often:

    • Very low or reduced volume on the TV or other external speakers.
    • Sound settings that aren’t correctly installed
    • External soundbars or speakers that aren’t correctly connected
    • Media devices such as the DVD player, receiver, or gaming console don’t connect to the TV because of unconnected cables ports, incorrectly configured settings
    • Failure of the TV’s hardware, internal components, external speakers, or media devices

    Begin with the obvious possibilities.

    If you’re familiar with the process of troubleshooting techniques that you usewith the “turn off and on” method. Most of the time it works! Try this first to test if it resolves your issue. If you’d like, disconnect it from the wall and then plug it back into it. If you do this, keep it off for a few minutes. If this doesn’t solve the issue, follow these steps:
    Make sure that the MUTE button isn’t pressed. The majority of TVs will show”MUTE,” the phrase “MUTE” on the screen However, not all models do and this is your first step.
    Turn the volume up to a higher setting. There are times when the speaker on your TV may be damaged, but not destroyed and causing audible noise when you turn up the volume.
    Verify that all wires that connect your TV and other devices are connected. Wires can be found in various forms (i.e. component, stereo, HDMI, etc.) which can be daunting! Examine all wires for signs of fraying, or any other wear and tear

    How can you get sound to come back to your TV?

    If you’re having trouble hearing sound from the Sony Bravia TV and you are wondering, ‘How can I get rid of the sound from my TV with LED’ here are five simple solutions you can make to bring the Sony back to offering you the Acoustic Surface Audio features.

    Make sure you check the volume and mute settings.
    Before you do any other task, ensure that your TV isn’t muted and you can hear your Sony isn’t too low.

    It’s normal to press an incorrect button with the remote and not realize that we’ve turned off our TV.

    Update software for Sony TV

    The old version of Sony software on your TV could cause various issues.

    Also, it could be that your television has turned off by itself due to an automated software update! If you want to determine if this could be the problem, remove automatic updates for a short period, and then see whether this resolves your issue.

    To switch OFF the automatic software updates:

    Home on your remote.
    Select SETTINGS
    Scroll to AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE to download
    Switch this off

    If this is indeed able to help then you’ll need to be sure to check manually for updates to your software to make sure that everything is up-to-date.

    Check the output settings

    When your Sony is set to an output setting, it’ll attempt to play the audio using the input setting that is specified.

    You might think that you hear the sound through the speakers inside the TV, however, there’s an external speaker that is connected to the TV, and that is what your Sony has been set to.

    Enter the Sound Settings’ on your Bravia

    Step 2. Verify that the “Audio Output option is selected to match the right speaker if you’re employing an external sound source or internal speakers on your TV.

    Factory reset Sony TV

    A factory reset restores you and your Sony TV to the settings it was at the time you bought the television.

    If the TV is on, select the HOME/MENU button.

    Choose “Settings” from the menu
    Then, select “Storage and Reset”
    Choose “Factory Data Reset”
    Finally, click “Erase Everything”
    Try restarting your TV to see whether the sound is working.

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