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Sony TV Remote Not Working

    Sony is a well-known television producer that provides user-friendly remotes that come with voice-controlled features. However, these remotes fail periodically. What can you do when your Sony TV remote is not working?

    If your Sony TV remote isn’t working, remove the batteries and let them sit for a full minute. Then, put the batteries in the remote and test again. If it doesn’t work, Replace the batteries with new ones, and ensure that there aren’t any obstructions that block the small of your TV.

    Sony Bravia smart TV is equipped with the most advanced intelligent remote control. With this, you can easily manage your setup box, switch on your Sony Bravia TV, install setup apps and apps, and connect to wifi via Sony. Sometimes, it might not perform for the reason that annoys you. Here are some reasons.

    In most cases, these steps will help get the Sony TV remote working again; however, if you fail, you can try these alternatives to troubleshooting techniques you could attempt.

    Sony TV Remote Not Working

    Before tackling specific issues, it is possible to find a general solution to Sony TV remotes that are not functioning. In the end, when you are trying to fix the problem with a remote that does not perform, the most frustrating thing people need is a long and complicated process to get their device functioning. So, if you’re experiencing problems in connection with the Sony TV remote not working, check out the following article to learn about the most frequently encountered problem and the best way to solve it.

    If your Sony TV remote isn’t working, The first thing you should do is make sure the batteries inside the remote aren’t dead and that they are in the correct place. Replace any batteries worn out with top-quality ones and then insert both ends in the manner indicated on the remote.

    Why Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote Not Working

    • 1.) Sometimes, it can hinder the IR sensor of the device.
    • 2.) It might have lost the Bluetooth connection.
    • 3.) It may not be able to support certain mechanical functions, like the power button
    • 4.) older Remote controls might not work with new components.

    Many users have complained about this problem via a team of technical experts through a specialized form. In this article, we provide a few solutions to this problem.

    Troubleshooting your Sony Remote

    • Replace the batteries
    • Most of the time, remote problems can be traced to the batteries of the remotes.
    • Before replacing your remote’s batteries, follow these steps:

    You can troubleshoot the remote by taking out the batteries before pressing the power button for about 10 seconds. This removes any remaining battery power remaining within the small and resets it.

    • You should wait for at least one complete minute before inserting the batteries back into your remote.
    • Try again using the remote.
    • Replace the batteries in Sony’s remotes

    If that doesn’t work, it is recommended to replace the batteries used with brand new ones. A new battery set eliminates the possibility that the storms cause the problem.

    • How to Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote Not Working
    • Use the following methods to repair the Sony remote for your television.

    Reset Your TV

    • Step 1: Check that your smart TV is functioning correctly or not by pressing buttons on the television.
    • 2. Now, press buttons and see if you can adjust volume and menu
    • Step 3. If your television is functioning correctly, switch to the 3rd fix option
    • The 4th step: If your television isn’t working correctly, make sure that the Tv light is on.
    • Step 5: To complete the power cycle, press the power button for 5-10 seconds until you see a message on your TV.
    • Step 6: Wait until your TV restarts. Then, check your remote and see if there are any improvements.

    Eliminate obstructions

    Remotes are equipped with transmitters that transmit information to your television. The TV then detects the signals coming from the remote using an integrated receiver directly into your TV.

    If you’re experiencing issues regarding your remote, examine if any obstructions are blocking the TV’s receiver.

    If you see plants or picture frames on the TV stand or in the vicinity, I would suggest taking them off completely. Anything located near or behind or in front of your Sony TV should be moved away from the way.

    When to Get a New Sony TV Remote

    The frequent drops of your remote control, sitting on the remote, or leaking water into the device could cause permanent damage to your circuit board.

    If this is the case, you’ll probably need to replace the Sony remote.

    Remotes of high-quality are available that are made of high-quality materials for Sony televisions at Amazon. The price of a brand new remote range between 20 and USD 40, depending on the features and model.

    Make sure that the remote you purchase is compatible with the specific TV model.

    Remote IR blaster verification

    • 1.) For transmitting signals, the remote control makes use of IR blasters
    • 2.) If you’d like to ensure that the remote has sent an IR signal
    • 3.) To complete this task, make sure you have your smartphone equipped with cameras. Open the camera app.
    • 4.) The next point of the remote control’s end toward the camera’s IR emitter.
    • 5) Then, you hit the power switch on your remote. If you can see the light on the phone. It is possible to say that the remote control is transmitting IR signals

    Remote buttons that aren’t responsive

    Sometimes, it’s not the whole remote that’s not working; it’s just a few buttons that don’t respond.

    One excellent method to check whether the button of the Sony remote is damaged is to get out your phone and open the camera. Put the remote up to your camera and then press the button that you suspect is broken.

    The camera of your smartphone will detect the remote’s infrared sensor, and you’ll be able to notice the remote flashing if the button is in operation.

    Reboot your Sony tv Remote

    Step 1: Because of the booth procedure, a few buttons of the remote control from Sony will not work. Sony now requests its customers to wait a few minutes before all functions of the small begin.

    Step 2: Before moving to another method, verify the battery. Dead batteries are a common cause of remote control not working.

    Troubleshoot Remote

    • If you’re experiencing troubleshooting using a remote control. Then follow the steps below.
    • To do this, you must cleanse the battery terminal of your remote control. To do this, take off the lid of the battery and then roll the batteries using your thumbnail.
    • After that, unplug all devices from the computer.
    • After you have removed the device, connect devices one at a time. After that, check the functioning of the device.
    • I hope these tips are helpful to you. Find a solution to the problem of the Sony Bravia intelligent TV remote not working.

    Power-cycle your Sony TV

    • Sometimes, the problem lies with the Sony TV itself and not with your remote.
    • This is what you should test:
    • Make sure your television is connected to an electrical outlet.
    • The TV will be turned on by pressing the Power button on the TV.
    • If you can operate the TV’s controls, you should look at the status light of the Sony TV.
    • If the light is flashing red when you press the buttons, then you’ll need to power cycle the TV. All you have to do is disconnect the TV and then hold the power button for 2 minutes.
    • Plug your TV back into the wall and turn it on.
    • After you’ve reset your TV, you’ll be able to use the remote.
    • Note: For Sony Android TVs, press the button to power your remote for 10 seconds. This will reset your TV.

    Sony TV Not Responding To Remote

    If you’ve replaced the batteries inside the remote controller for the remote control of your Sony TV but notice that the TV isn’t responding, you’re searching for the solution that works. Sony TVs can be controlled via the remote control, which is relayed through the receiver to the television. In this case, you can operate your TV efficiently; however, if your TV isn’t responding to the remote’s commands, what other methods can resolve this issue?

    If you find that the Sony TV isn’t responding to the remote, it may result from static electricity in the batteries. Take all batteries on the short and press the power switch for 3 minutes to resolve this issue. After that, insert the batteries and check whether the TV responds to the remote’s instructions.

    Make sure you update the software on your TV.

    Intelligent TVs should be regularly updated to work correctly. If your TV isn’t up-to-date, it could cause issues in the use of the remote.

    I’d suggest checking for updates to software and verifying that your TV is updated.

    While it is unlikely to be the sole cause for the issue, the issue is that outdated software has been recognized to affect the responsiveness of remotes from time to time.

    Sony TV Remote Volume Button Not Working

    Suppose you’re in the middle of watching an action film or playing music on your Sony TV. In that case, you want the ability to regulate the sound volume on your television without needing to stand up and adjust it manually. It allows people to respond quickly to drastic changes in the book without disrupting their normal position. If you’re able to switch on your TV and carry out other functions, what do you accomplish if your volume control suddenly ceases to function?

    The volume knob in the volume button on your Sony TV is not working; it may be a matter just as simple as the button getting stuck. To release it, push the switch quickly and use enough force to ensure that the pressure isn’t so thin to cause no impact but not too much that the button is jammed more tightly.

    Make sure you check the TV’s mode.

    Sometimes the issue isn’t with the remote or TV in the first place, but rather the result of having the wrong channel or source.

    If you’re looking to switch channels on your remote, but it’s not working, try the following:

    You are utilizing your remote use the button for input.

    There should be a menu with different options: HDMI1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, Blu Ray, and more. It’s all dependent on what you are connecting to your television.

    If your TV is in one of the modes listed above, you won’t be able to switch channels using your remote. Therefore, press the television button of the remote to change the channel back.

    Then, try switching channels.

    Sony TV Won’t Turn On With Remote.

    In addition to managing the volume of your TV using your remote control, people particularly desire the ability to turn off their TV without thinking about it. This allows quick check-ins to games without needing to step fully into the space or wait for a temporary power-up for those eager to catch the final episode of their favorite show and the option to watch without the need to locate that power switch on your television. What should you do when the TV isn’t turning on using the remote?

    If you’re Sony TV Won’t turn on via the remote, after you’ve confirmed your power button isn’t blocked, you can try resetting the remote. To do that, take the battery from the small and then press each button twice on the remote. Once you’ve done that, replace the batteries and attempt to turn on the TV a second time.


    • Sony TV remotes last for a long time without problems. However, they do occasionally fail.
    • Here are the steps you can take to fix you’re experiencing problems with your Sony TV remote is not working:
    • Remove the batteries, and then wait for about 60 seconds before replacing them.
    • Replace the batteries with brand new ones
    • Eliminate any obstructions within or just directly in front of your TV’s remote receiver.
    • Try pressing the remote buttons repeatedly to loosen them.
    • Repair your remote using Bluetooth to have voice control working.
    • Please turn off the power source of your Sony TV by unplugging it for two minutes.
    • Upgrade your TV’s software to the most current version
    • Check which input setting of your television is in.

    If neither of the above options will work, you may have to purchase an additional control for the remote on the remote on your Sony TV.

    What was your experience solving your Sony remote? Let me know in the comments to the bottom of this post!

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