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stop sharing location without notification

    This guide explains how you can block your iPhone place of residence to Find My Friends and iMessage location tracking. It’s easy to turn off Find My Friends without others being aware that you’re trying to keep your location secret from them.

    Through Find My or iMessage location sharing, it’s simple to feel like you’re being watched by family and family members who could view your Location at any time they’d like to. You can also set up alarms that notify them that you’re arriving at or leaving specific locations.

    As we all spend longer at home, Maybe you’re headed out to the playground, going to the grocery store, or just driving out into the country to sing songs until you understand the world again. If you’re doing this, you might not wish to let anyone know that you’ve left your home. You might need an hour of rest in a parking garage before heading home. There’s no need to judge. Here’s how to work with no family or friends noticing what you’re doing.

    Disable Location Sharing on iOS Devices

    Apple provides a range of different applications for sharing places with friends and family members. They comprise Find My Friends and Family Sharing. Sometimes, you don’t want anyone else to be aware of your Location.

    Below are four of the most effective ways to stop people away from keeping track of their movements using iPhones and iOS devices.

    These methods won’t work when someone monitors your device using an iOS spy application.

    Turn Off “Share My Location”

    Instead of shutting off “Find My iPhone” in general, you may also remove your Location from sharing with a specific person on”Find Me. “Find My” app without notifying the person. Below are how you need to follow to accomplish this.

    Stop sharing your Location with a specific person.

    1. Click on”Find Me. “Find My” app.

    2. Visit”people” under the “People” section.

    3. Click on the person you would like to not share your location with.

    4. Scroll down until you see “Stop Sharing My Location” tap it.

    5. You can confirm the prompt by pressing “Stop Sharing Location.”

    The chosen person will not be able to see your location or receive any messages. But, they will also be unable to see your name on their friends’ list. If you activate the sharing once more, the user can be notified that you have started sharing locations with them.

    Turn Off Share My Location Option

    Another option is to disable the Share My Location option. This will stop the share of the Location. This feature is excellent and will not notify you of any change. But be aware that this feature is only available in iOS 8 and above.

    Open your iPhone and then go to Settings.

    Click on Privacy and then pick Location Services.

    You’ll need to tap “Share My Location.”

    To deactivate location sharing, you’ll need to turn off location sharing.

    Turn On Airplane Mode On Your iPhone.

    The most effective way to stop sharing your location without being aware is to turn off your device’s Airplane Mode. Every iPhone has Airplane Mode, which you can switch to turn your phone off.

    It means there is no cell phone network, and consequently, there will be no calls, messages, or even internet. In the same way, the location sharing and GPS connectivity features are shut off. These steps you need to follow to enable Airplane Mode on your iPhone.

    On Airplane Mode from Home Screen or Lock Screen

    Step 1: If you’re on the home screen of your iPhone or your lock screen, you can swipe upwards at the very bottom of your iPhone.

    Step 2: You’ll get the Control Center, where you can see your Airplane Mode from the Airplane icon. Tap the Airplane icon to activate Airplane Mode for your iPhone.

    Switch on Airplane Mode in Settings

    Step 1: Open Settings from the home screen on your iPhone.

    Step 2: You’ll locate Airplane Mode at the top of the screen after the Settings app has opened.

    3. You need to switch it on to turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone. By default, it’s disabled.

    Stop Sharing Location on Find My App

    Find My App on iOS allows you to share your phone’s location with family members. This means that with this app, all your family members can see your current Location. They should be added to the list. Learn the method below to learn how to use it.

    Start”Find My” on your iPhone “Find My” app on your iPhone.

    Choose”Me” from the “Me” icon in the lower right corner. The only thing you have to do is turn off the “Share My Location” tab.

    There is also the option to deactivate the members that are listed included in the “Share my location” app list to gain the ability to access your address. All you need to do is select”People” and then select the “People” option and select those people on the list, followed by clicking “Stop Sharing My Location.”

    Bonus Tips to Remember

    It is crucial to realize that you’re compromising your security by performing steps to disable location settings on your iPhone without the user’s knowledge. The device could be stolen or lost, and you’ll not be in a position to find it by using the maps of other devices. Also, there is no means of locking the iPhone against unauthorized users when it is a lost remote. Keep these notes in mind when you switch off the ability to locate my iPhone remotely.

    Be extra careful with your Apple devices with the Find My switch-off, as they’ll be more difficult to find.

    Make sure to use an extra secure password to protect against breaches if you lose your iDevice disappears.

    Do not turn the device on silent to get it to ring by calling the device if it is lost.

    How to Keep Track of People Who Can See Your iPhone Location?

    If you’ve provided your family members or friends access to your location, they can make use of their Find My app to find the location of your current Location. Start the Find My app and select the “People” tab to discover who can track your Location.

    This list includes people with whom you have shared your address and with whom you share information about your place. The word “Can see your location ” will identify someone who can view your place.”

    If you click on one of the names of people on the list, you’ll be able to gain access to settings that will enable you to stop sharing on a per-person basis.

    Will they know if I do not share my address with someone on Google Maps?

    There is no need to worry; Google Maps does not notify users when someone ceases to share the Location. If someone monitors your phone using Google Maps, you can turn off location sharing without being aware.

    If I do not share my Location with anyone in Find My Friends, will they be able to tell?

    The app does not send notifications after you cease sharing your Location with this app. Find My Friends application. They will only notice that your phone is no longer on their friend list in the app.

    Can I Track A Cell Phone With Just A Number?

    It is possible to trace a cell phone using just a phone number, the Number Tracker Pro. It sends an SMS message to the target’s phone using a specific link. After you have opted in and clicked on the link to track, you will receive the phone’s exact location via email.


    Sharing your Location could be beneficial for family and acquaintances to keep track of you when they need to. But, there are times when it can be a breach of your privacy, and therefore you can turn off sharing your Location to select members, as well as each individual. We’ve listed all possibilities to not share the location of your friends without telling them about the sharing.

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