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The Game Of Life And How To Play It

    It was published almost a century ago; the Game of Life is considered a landmark in personal growth. Louise Hay, whose books are a source of inspiration, optimism and relief to millions worldwide, cites The Game of Life and the entire collection of works of Florence Scovel Shinn as providing her with guidance at a critical moment in her life. Through their simplicity, clarity and power, Florence’s ideas have significantly changed the personal and spiritual development field over time.

    This transformative classic Florence shows how to harness the power of positive thoughts. She describes how the words we think about and our thoughts influence the experiences we experience every day and then uses examples that illustrate how to use the power of positive thinking to create the things we desire in our lives. This includes the abundance of love, happiness and happiness.

    The book includes The Game of Life for Women, Louise Hay’s version of the original text. It is focused on helping women realize their power.

    About The Book

    The fourth volume in the Atria Books/Beyond Words Library of Hidden Knowledge is a modern edition of one of the earliest books that make The Law of Attraction accessible to all people: constant guidance regarding how to harness the potential of wealth connections, intuition, and other timeless topics.

    The life game is one of the boomerangs. Thoughts, actions and even words come back to us at some point or another with astonishing precision.

    Florence Scovel Shinn, a famous and controversial leader in the 20th century within the New Thought movement, was recognized for her wise advice about prosperity, intuition connections, and satisfaction. Shinn’s unique philosophy and practical method included insightful statements, timeless stories, and action-oriented advice in a fast-paced society.

    As well as Shinn’s works, The New Game of Life includes Dr Ruth Miller. Miller’s translations of her work, additional activities, and short summaries were designed for the new generation of scholars.

    The spiritual concepts that are discussed in the book

    A few of Shinn’s Spiritual concepts Shinn discusses in his book: The Law of Expectation: Shinn emphasizes the potential of the imagination to create life happenings: “Whatever man feels profound or sees is imprinted on the subconscious mind, and then it is carried out with the smallest detail.

    Words are powerful: “Jesus Christ taught that man’s words played an important role during living. “By the words you speak, you are righteous, but by your actions, you are condemned’.” [Matthew
    The Divine pattern and intuition: Shinn affirms that you must always seek out the “right” situation and the “Divine decision” and not seek out details.

    A Law of Substitution As per Florence Scovel Shinn, sometimes our expectations are not matched by reality: “Many people are in the dark of their destiny and are pursuing items and circumstances that are not theirs which will only result in frustration and disappointment if achieved.
    Law of Karma: The Law of Karma is also called”the” Law of Cause and Effect: “Whatsoever a man soweth will also reap.” It means that what a person does in words or actions is returned to him. What the sender gives, he’ll get.

    Three Lessons from Life Three Lessons of Life as described in the book:

    • “Life’s Class” writer says that the four main areas in our lives require surrendering our money, health, love and how we express the person we are. You can shape each part of your existence how you want. Then, he’ll bring you back a unique and fulfilled life.
    • Your right to happiness is absolute. If you ever feel that you must work to achieve satisfaction, keep in mind that you’re born able to handle happiness! Make sure you are positively living your life, And stop blaming yourself for any mistake you make in the process.
    • Sometimes your desires are wrong. Many people are still determining what they would like to achieve. It happens when they try to figure out a solution for their current situation to rectify them. For example, if you ask them what they require to be satisfied, many will answer that they need money, but happiness has nothing in common with money.

    Book description

    A classic self-help manual with traditional wisdom: Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game of Life and How to Play It was first published in 1925 in bookstores and has since become an essential work within the self-help genre. Shinn’s ideas on achieving fulfilment, happiness and meaning remain as pertinent and valuable as they were a century ago. That’s why it’s reissued as part of the fascinating Capstone Classics collection.

    The hardback, collectable edition of The Game of Life and How to Play It features an engaging introduction from Self-help expert and series editor Tom Butler-Bowdon. Tom is a recognized authority in self-help books and is adept at connecting the information in the book to contemporary issues for people.


    A classic in self-help dating back to 1925. The Game of Life and How to Play It uses the natural world and practical knowledge to help readers succeed by fostering a positive mindset.

    The Game of Life and How to Play It is being updated and is grouped with the other three short works by Florence Scovel-Shinn in one complete volume. Affordable, well-designed and comprehensive, this book is the Shinn collection readers will love.

    Summary of Publisher

    The book has inspired millions of people across the globe to discover a sense of significance and belonging. The book argues that life isn’t just a fight but a sport of receiving and giving and that anything we give to the world eventually returns to us. This book can assist you in understanding the ways that your brain and visual faculties can play a significant role in the game of life.

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