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Things To Do With Your Dog In The Summer

    The summer months are perfect for outdoor activities. Plus, it’s more enjoyable for your dog to participate in the fun. There are plenty of things that you can try, from traditional favorites like playing the game of fetch to more adventurous ones such as taking a hike or hitting the trails to go for a hike. Consider your dog’s personality, activities, and interests to ensure you get the right combination. If you’re seeking ideas, this list will offer some ideas you and your dog will appreciate.

    7 Fun and Exciting Things for Your Dog this Summer

    The weather is warming up, so it’s time to go on many outings with your furry, most beloved pet! What are some activities to do with your pet this summer? Here are seven fantastic ideas that you and your dog can enjoy with your dog when the weather is beautiful, and you’re looking for an exciting new experience.

    Your dog will be joyful when you incorporate the pool for him during your summer activities.

    Go Swimming at a Pool, Beach, or Lake

    One of the most important things you and your pet might like is going to the pool. Some cities have pools specifically for dogs, or they may even organize the idea of a “doggie swim day” at the local pool.

    If you don’t have a pet-friendly swimming pool, go on a fun trip to a lake or beach with your pet. No matter where you go, take some water toys for your pet to play with, such as The Power Play Ring Thing Floatable Dog Toy.

    Be sure to adhere to guidelines for water safety when you’re taking the swim.1 If your dog hasn’t experienced a swim before, go slow and stick to the shallow end, and ensure that your dog is on a leash as learning. In certain situations, such as when you’re on the boat, make sure to put a doggie life jacket on your dog and avoid a body of water with blue-green algae, as it can cause dogs to become ill.2

    Make Dog-Friendly Ice-Cream

    Who doesn’t like the taste of a scoop (or three or two) of delicious ice cream on a scorching summer day? Enjoy this classic treat with homemade pet-friendly Ice cream! The Dog Tipper offers an excellent recipe for Peanut Butter & Banana ice cream. Also, look at a video tutorial by Bigger Bolder Baking for more delicious dog treats made from fruits.

    Have a Sprinkler / Kiddie Pool Day

    Have you got a pet who loves water but doesn’t have access nearby beach or pool? A sprinkler is a fantastic solution! Your dog will appreciate the cooling sensation, and you’ll be able to simultaneously sprinkle your lawn and flower gardens. This is a win-win! Do you need a second solution? Buy your dog a plastic play pool for them to enjoy! They are usually available for less than $15 at many retail stores and even pet stores.

    Throw a Doggie Barbecue

    Get the grill ready to invite the dog’s most loved buddies over for a lively barbeque for dogs! We suggest not seasoning your meats to avoid toxic ingredients or upset stomachs and to throw away any pieces of fattened meat. The aroma of grilled hot dogs and chicken is all they require! Make sure to keep plenty of toys for them to play with, and perhaps even bring the kiddie pool available for dogs to enjoy.

    Get Campy

    Have your pet enjoy an adventure in the woods for a few days, whether you’re in a trailer, an RV, or a dog-friendly cabin on the camping site. You and your dog will enjoy the outdoors, snuggling around a campfire or perhaps taking a fishing trip on the lake (you can buy your dog an emergency life jacket). Keep in mind that every time you go in wooded areas will increase the chance of ticks to be able to infest your dog, so make sure you discuss the options for preventing ticks and fleas with your veterinarian.

    Catch a Movie

    A drive-in film which is. If you reside in an area with a drive-in theater, you should ask the theater to determine whether they allow dogs. Many theaters will let your dog participate in the show as you keep him in your vehicle or walk on a leash alongside you. Some drive-ins could even provide the option of a dog-friendly space that you can visit with your dog when he requires toilet breaks.

    Have a Dog Beach Outing

    The temperatures are rising, and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore pet-friendly beaches with your pet. Your dog will be thrilled to run through the sand, splash in the water, and relax under the beach umbrella. They’ll have the most fantastic day of their lives! Be prepared; bring toys, water, a bowl, and the doggie bags!

    Have a Pet Portrait Session

    Summer provides a stunning backdrop for a portrait. It is also possible to enlist the assistance of a family member to take a picture with your dog. Beware of the harsh shadows that appear during the day, and put your phone or camera on burst mode to ensure you don’t miss anything. The key to capturing your dog’s finest expression is ensuring they enjoy the moment. Visit a familiar place and provide toys and treats to maintain your dog’s attention.

    Make Frozen Dog Treats

    Aid your dog to cool down during hot summer days by providing frozen treats. A straightforward method is to use an edible toy like the classic Kong and put it in the freezer after filling. Another option is to freeze chunks of fruit like cubes of watermelon. It is also possible to create ice cubes with no salt and chicken broth. Also, be more adventurous and make a recipe for soft serve or popsicles.

    Final Reminders

    There are many great outdoor activities that both of you to take part in. Be aware that, like humans, dogs may overheat, become dehydrated, and even suffer sunburn during hot summer days. Therefore, it’s best to plan activities in advance or after the sun’s peak times and carry lots of cool fresh water and a dog-approved sunblock.

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