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To minimize Potential risks of harm, a researcher conducting an on-line survey can:

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    To lessen the risk of harm, the individual taking part in an online study might design the survey in such an approach where no identified directly or indirectly identifiers are used. Thus, the correct option in this situation is C. Create the study to ensure that no identifiers, whether directly or indirectly collected.


    An online survey is a method utilized to gather information. It is the most popular method to collect data. The representative sample of a group is asked questions in one-on-one or groups of individuals. Members of the model provide answers to the questions in a survey. Surveys can be carried out via emails or on websites.

    A survey conducted on the internet can be utilized to research a particular area or subject.

    Numerous companies may use the online survey to get feedback or gain insight into the development of marketing strategies of the business concerned. By conducting an online survey, they can improve their products, features, or services.

    In online surveys where an appropriate sample from the community is the subject of investigation, it is essential to ensure their privacy and sensitive data like addresses, names and mail IDs, and the like. In the absence of this, the people are not likely to participate in the research. So, researchers should not use the terms indirect or direct identifiers while conducting a survey online. So, the two options C and A, are both false.

    To reduce the chance for harm to the individual taking part in an online study, we might survey in a way as easy as using identifiers of an indirect or direct nature. Thus, the most appropriate option in this situation is.

    Although it’s a great source of data, researchers must protect the privacy and security of their respondents. When conducting surveys or research online, it is essential to limit the risk for individuals the personal information they are studying by not including unique identification numbers that are both direct and indirect that are used by the general public.

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