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unable to connect to samsung server

    It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing to watch the next season on your favorite television show or watching live sports, you’ll surely want a high-quality smart TV in your living space. It can be difficult to figure out where to start considering that there are numerous TV brands to choose from and all with a range of options to choose from. Once you’ve decided on your mind and picked Samsung and their TV models, they will provide a fantastic experience. The images are crisp and clear The response time is swift while the overall build quality and build are excellent and the build quality is also excellent.

    However, sometimes you’ll be confronted with the Unable to Connect with Samsung Server error message when trying to join a wireless network using Samsung TVs. In addition, the message might require viewers to “Check your network settings or Try Again(100)”. The error messages indicate that there’s something that is not right with connectivity.

    How to Fix the Unable to connect to Samsung error

    Check your internet connection

    A poor internet connection can cause problems with servers. If you’re using wifi, connect to another device and see if the internet works properly on it. If the internet works well on other devices, the issue is not related to an internet connection. Reconnect to WiFi.

    Start your Internet Connection

    You could try to turn off your devices’ power to restart the network connection. The first step is to turn off the Samsung smart TV, then disconnect your modem and router. You should wait for at least three minutes before plugging them into the wall and turning on your TV. Relaunch the app and see whether the error is still there.

    Reset your Samsung TV

    If nothing works it is possible to factory reset your Samsung TV and wipe everything on it.

    Be aware you need to do a factory reset. This can make you unregistered from your accounts, and also eliminate all applications.

    To reset your Samsung TV:

    • Hit the button Home on your remote.
    • Go to Settings > Support.
    • Select Self-diagnosis > Reset.
    • Enter the PIN if you’ve entered one. It’s 0000 as the default.
    • Accept the prompt and start resetting the TV.

    After resetting your TV’s settings, you’ll have login into the Samsung account and download all of the apps you previously had.

    Sign out of Samsung Account

    If you’re looking to un-log out of the Samsung account you currently use on the TV (to say sign in as a different user) Follow the steps below.

    • Hit the button Home on the remote control.
    • Utilizing the directional pad of the remote, go through Settings > General > System Management.
    • Select Samsung Account.
    • Select My Account.
    • Select Remove Account from your existing Samsung account, and then click Yes to continue.
    • Log in with the password for your account and then click Done to delete the account.

    Check The Samsung Server Status

    Samsung server status check can help to identify if the problem is related to the Samsung server itself or the network. Live chat assistance from Samsung techs and ask whether there is a problem with the Samsung server has gone down or is under maintenance.

    A Samsung customer service team will identify where the issue is. If there is an issue with the server’s status They will inform you promptly and inform you when this issue with the server is fixed. If there’s an issue on your part they will help you in the right direction.

    Reset the Samsung Smart Hub

    • On your remote and hit”Home” on your remote.
    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Choose Support.
    • Select Device Care.
    • Choose Self Diagnosis.
    • Click Reset Smart Hub.

    Update TV Firmware

    If the problem persists, it is possible to look for firmware updates following these steps:

    • Click on Settings > Support > Software Update, and enable Auto Update.
    • Go to Settings > System > About Device > Update Now.
    • If you update now, your TV will scan for updates and then install the update if it is available.

    The TV might restart during the process of updating. Let it finish restarting, and then verify that the issue is gone.

    Contact Technician

    If all methods have failed, then it is the smart TV itself. It could be due to a hardware or software defect. Most technicians can identify and resolve the problem. But this can cost you a little. If you’re having this issue with your newer smart TVs, you can avail of the cost service.


    With the options to fix the problem of being unable of connecting to the Samsung server The best thing you can do is to test yourself using one of these steps to make the most of your Samsung smart device.

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