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Ways To Take Scrolling Screenshot On iPhone

    Making a screenshot with your iPhone will be second nature to you; however, what about taking a screenshot to save everything you take on the web, in PDF format or email, note, or even stitching multiple images? Learn how to create a scrolling screenshot using your iPhone.

    In the past, using a third-party program for scrolling photos on your iPhone was necessary. Now, thanks to iOS today, it is possible to take a screenshot directly from webpages and PDFs, as well as the Notes application, emails, and other first-party applications.

    Also, we’ll look at ways to accomplish this by using third-party content applications.

    What’s a scrolling screenshot?

    A full-page screenshot, also known as a scrolling screenshot, captures the entire Page — documents, webpages, or emails and does not require you to capture multiple images to stitch them. For instance, if you were to take a screenshot of an entire document 116 pages long in Safari, then you’d only need one screenshot to record all of it.

    How do I take the scrolling screen using the iPhone?

    This native iOS feature allows you to take scrolling (or “Full Page” screenshot), which gives the user a PDF file of all information on a webpage, document notes, email, or notes within Apple’s applications. Be aware of the instances where it is possible to require the services of a third party (covered in the next section).

    • Make a screenshot (press the top or side button and the volume up button simultaneously)
    • Make sure to tap the preview at the left-hand corner of the screen just before it vanishes
    • Click the Full Page option in the middle right
    • This Page option is only available when more than one Page of content is displayed on the screen.
    • Before saving, you can view all pages, use markup, and much more.
    • It’s also possible to tap the icon for cropping (the square-ish icon to the right of “Done”) to edit the portion of the Page you want to save—the Page you’d like to keep.
    • Click either Done or Save at the top left corner of the screen for saving or to share the button on the upper right.

    How do you view images that scroll on your iPhone?

    The scrolling images are all converted into PDFs. This means they are saved in the native Files application. To see your scrolling image, start the Files app, navigate to the folder where the screenshot was stored, and tap on the image.

    You can change the name of your file. You can also draw on the file, comment on it, and more. You may also send the image that scrolls. However, you must ensure that the person sharing it has Files or a different PDF reader to open it.

    Additionally, please take a look at 13 brand-new iPhone features you’re missing with iOS 16.4 and our iOS 16 cheatsheet.

    Utilize Assistive Touch to capture long-length screenshots with your iPhone.

    If you’re having issues with your buttons and you aren’t able to make use of the back Tap feature at the moment (which is only available on iPhone 8 and up that runs iOS 14 or later) Also, you could utilize your iPhone’s Assistive Touch function to capture screenshots.

    You can activate this feature using Settings Accessibility, Accessibility, and Touch and toggle the AssistiveTouch feature.

    For taking a picture by using the Assistive Touch feature:

    • Click on the link or file you want to capture an image of.
    • Press the assistive touch button to take a Screenshot.
    • Tap Full Page – Save PDF to Files.

    Create a scrolling screenshot using the Samsung Galaxy phone.

    The procedure for taking an image that scrolls using a Samsung Galaxy phone differs slightly from a regular Android phone. Taking a picture this way is also possible on earlier versions of Android that were before version 12. In my case, for instance, I captured a scrolling image using a Galaxy phone running Android 9.

    Create the scrolling screen you wish to record. Hit the Power button as well as the volume down button simultaneously. You can press the icon in the lower toolbar using the double-down arrow. While you press the icon, your screen will scroll automatically. Keep pushing it until you’ve taken all of the screen or as much as you like. Once you’re done, tap the thumbnail image to the left.

    Then, you’ll be taken to the Photos app or Gallery application. When you’re in the Photos app, you can tap on the Edit icon to alter or improve the quality of the photo. Click the Share icon to share the image with a different person or an application.

    Within the Gallery app, press the pencil icon to modify the photo. Click the Share icon to share the image.

    Hey Siri, Take a Screenshot

    Siri is available to assist you, too. You must tell her, “Hey Siri, take a screenshot,” Siri will do all the work. It’s then up to you to use the screen similar to the one in the beginning to get the entire Page.


    How can I turn off the double-tap screen for an iPhone?

    Double tapping to capture a screen is an accessibility option, and that’s why you’ll find the option to turn off the feature. Navigate to the Settings menu, Accessibility settings, and Back Tap > Back Tap to change the double Tap and Triple Tap options to None. You can also switch between something different than taking a screen.

    How do I capture the video from an iPhone?

    Utilize the screen recording feature of your iPhone to record the video running on your iPhone. To begin, open Settings > Control Center and select the plus icon on the right side of Screen Recording if it isn’t currently activated. Next, turn on Screen Recording from your Control Center. The icon shows two circles. Re-enter your Control Center to pause recording. Your footage will be saved in the Photos application.

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