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What Do You Call A Bear With No Teeth

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    The word “funny bear” means nothing in French First “, funny bear” is not a word in French other than the name given to a person from the lyrics of a song. It is not in any dictionary, and not the Wiktionnaire or even the reverse; the definition of “gummy bear” is “ours in Guimauve” or “gummy bear” (ref;); in addition “, deprived of teeth” is not always a synonym for “funny”. Many people suffer from natural teeth, and there’s no funny thing about it. It is necessary to find a flaw of language that makes the character a bit funny.

    Gummy bears (German: Gummibar) are small, fruity gums like jelly babies in certain countries with English as a first language. The candy measures about 2 centimetres (0.8 inches) long and are shaped like an animal. Gummy bears are one of the many gummies popular candy made from gelatin and available in various designs and colours.

    Bisounours can be the French name of “Care Bears”. It’s derived from bisous (kisses) and ours (bear). The concept is that the toothless animal doesn’t bite, so it would not kiss.

    The term “dishonours” is frequently used to refer to the phrase”un monde de Bisounours,” a fictional world in which everyone is charming, sweet and good-natured, yet far removed from the real world…

    Bisounours can clash with a word that is a slang Quebecois word, so it could be called un the case with cabin ours (same idea: cabins is cuddles) in Quebec.

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