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what does i like your cut g mean

    It’s telling someone how much you like their new hairstyle, and then you slap on their head since you want to cause a fire because it’s a fresh cut.

    I Like Ya Cut G references a clip where a man talks to an unbald child and says, “I like you cut, G,” before hitting his head. It has been remade and remixed many times, with some even making a funny sound following the slap.

    What Do I Like About It? Cut G. Define?

    The phrase is used for people who have received a shorter haircut when their necks are clean cut. When they’ve heard “I like the cut G,” and they anticipate receiving a harsh smack to the back of their neck!

    How do I cut the G?

    A video made this meme of a man speaking the words:

    “Oh, you playin’ Minecraft? I like your Cut, G.” before continuing to hit an unbald child on the head’s back.
    This is typically employed as a prelude to the act of slapping someone (often one who recently received a haircut) on the side of the head.


    Although the precise source of the video’s origin is unknown, the earliest dawn of this video’s existence is the YouTube video uploaded by Alex Chavez, showing it was a report by a Facebook user identified as Emmett Andre Love, who posted it on October 16th, 2018, (pictured below on the left). Griff P republished the video was republished on December 18th by Griff P and gained over 60,000 views (shown below on the right).

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