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What Does Message Blocking is Active Mean

    Do you get “Free Msg: Inability to transmit message. Message blocking is in effect” when you try to send a message? Suppose you’re using T-Mobile, Mint, Boost or any other provider that is dependent on the T-Mobile network. In that case, you’ll typically notice this Error in the form of an additional text message appearing in your mailbox. In other cases, it could be due to the network settings in your Android or iPhone. Whatever the reason, it’s always a simple solution. This wikiHow article will help you understand how to remove that “Message Blocking is active” Error to allow you to send and receive messages.

    What is Message Blocking Active?

    If you get a Free MSG” Unable to send a message – Message Blocking is in effect when you send an email (using either your Android cellphone, iPhone, or T-Mobile). It is always a sign that you have added the number to block or block to stop phones from broadcasting messages to the person. If the recipient is unable to receive the message, it is also important to ensure that the contact’s phone numbers or email addresses are correct.
    Reasons why Message Blocking is active on both Android and iPhone

    What causes you to receive messages when Blocking is on? Here are some of the main reasons:

    The service is not available. If the service provided by the provider is not working for some reason, you’ll not be able to send messages to another. It is possible to receive an error message Message Blocking is in effect. Most of the time, it is an intermittent issue. The provider will resolve the issue as quickly as it is possible.
    This number appears on the blocklist. You’ve put the phone number into the blocklist in Error. If this is the case, it’s impossible to send a message to the contact.
    Access to premium messages is not available. If you’ve set the phone not to receive or send Premium SMS, you may be able to encounter this Error if you attempt to make an SMS premium.
    Shortcode issues are a problem in T-Mobile. This problem will often occur with T-Mobile due to an error with the shortcodes blocked. T-Mobile’s support team can resolve the problem.
    You can try the techniques we have outlined below to get rid of this message.

    Problems that are associated with “Message Blocking is in effect” Error
    Message blocking Error blocks the device from receiving or sending MMS or SMS. SMS as well as MMS. It blocks all outgoing text messages. Even if you try to send a text message, it cannot get through to the intended recipient, leading to delays in delivery.
    That’s it! I hope the suggestions can help you avoid the “message blocking is in effect” Error and remain proactive via messages.

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