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what does no location found mean

    Every day thousands of Apple iPhone users have confronted with the issue of Location unavailable iPhone. This blog will help you understand why this problem occurs in different situations. You can read the article to learn the best and most tested ways.

    How can I get my iPhone to say “No Location Found”?

    There is no definitive way to make Find My iPhone state “No Location Found.”
    One option is to change your iCloud password.
    This will result in your device being disconnected from iCloud.
    Another option is to remove the device entirely from iCloud.

    What does it mean if it says no place found?

    If the person is out on network coverage, the message “location detected on finding my friends” will appear in the application. Perhaps they switched off GPS or ran out of battery.

    How to Fix No Place Found Find My Friends

    If someone is not within network coverage, the message “location found on Find my Friends” will appear in the app. It could be that the person switched off GPS or their battery ran out. Here are some solutions to whatever the problem may be. Follow these steps to make sure your app is flawless.

    1. Verify that the GPS works.

    Turning off GPS will save your battery life. GPS can be turned off when it is not needed. Find My Friends can track the location of your friends using cell data even when GPS is turned off. But, data isn’t always accurate or reliable. If your coverage is not complete, the system will show ‘location unavailable’. You should open “Settings”, then “Privacy”, then “Location Services” to turn it on.

    1. Restart and log back into the app

    If you find any issue with “no locations found on Find my Friends”, please restart the application immediately and log in. This is the best way to resolve most app problems. The tracking feature can only be enabled by logging into the app.

    1. Make sure to correct the date and hour

    Find Even the slightest inaccuracy can hamper my Friends in date and time. Set your phone to receive automatic date and time configurations from the network. So that the app works again.

    1. Turn on “Share your location.”

    Share My Location can be disabled, so no location found my friends. Make sure you check this feature before turning it on. Go to “Settings” > iCloud Setting > Location Service > “Share My Place”. You can turn it on right now.

    What does the absence of a location in Find My iPhone signify?

    If you see a “No location available” label, your friend is not available. These are possible reasons why you may not see your friend’s location. Click Settings > General > Date/Time. The device has gone off or isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

    Do you have to turn off the aeroplane mode

    The short answer? The best and fastest way to prevent GPS tracking is not to turn Airplane Mode on. Airplane Mode turns off both the Wi-Fi as well as cellular services. Airplane Mode disconnects your smartphone from the cellular network but does not remove Location.

    What does the meaning of “No Location Found?”

    An iPhone won’t let you track anything if it’s not trackable such as AirPods or any other device without GPS. The iPhone will only allow you to track it up to a specified distance of 30ft ….. If you do this, you find my… 191 views will likely show no location.

    Is it possible to tell when someone stops sharing information about their location?

    You can no longer share your Location in Find My. The recipient will not receive a notice, but they will not see you on their friend lists. They will get a notification if you enable sharing.

    Is it possible for someone to track your smartphone if you are not in your area?

    Yes, you can track both Android and iOS smartphones without connecting to the Internet. You can use many mapping apps to locate your phone without having an Internet connection.

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