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What Does Ratio Mean On TikTok?

    TikTok can be awash with jargon-filled phrases, and if not one of the TikTok-loving members of Gen-Z, it’s likely that you’re not sure what the majority of these terms refer to. The app has its language, and it can become extremely confusing.

    Based on how much time you devote to TikTok, it is possible to be exposed to different trends, challenges, and dances every single day. In time, you’ll begin to master the vocabulary. Do you remember when you didn’t even understand the meaning of “fyp” was? It was quite a while back! Remember the time when “accountants” were those who handled your tax returns? That was a time of confusion.

    Recently, we’ve come across a different TikTok puzzle to solve regarding the term “ratio.” On specific TikTok video posts, you may find a lot of posts from users who say, “Ratio me” or “Ratio me 1:1.” What exactly does this mean? Let us know what we discovered.

    What are ratio-related requests?

    Ratio requests occur when users ask for the same number of comments and likes on TikTok.

    Someone may comment ‘Ratio me 1:1’.

    If 100 people like the video, they will also get 100 likes for their comments.

    Users can also request a 1:1 ratio, meaning that when a video is viewed with 100 likes, they will need 100 likes on their post and 100 responses.

    What is it that means to “be ratioed” on TikTok?

    But, as with Twitter, you could get a negative “ratioed” in TikTok. Similar to Twitter, this happens the case when the TikTok film’s “likes” are less than “likes.”

    In one comment on the post. This is a negative reflection of the TikTok poster since the users “liked” comments more than they liked the post’s content.

    Are being rated by TikTok consistently a negative thing?

    But not always. To complicate things, there are many ways the word “ratio” can be utilized on TikTok. Sometimes, users will comment on the TikTok message, saying, “ratio my 1:1”.

    This means that they would like the comments on their post to be matched with the likes on the TikTok they’re posting on. Therefore, if a TikTok is picked by 1,000, the user’s post must also be 1,000 to get a 1:1 ratio.

    Your comment may as well become “ratioed” according to the number of replies.

    If a post has five likes and 100 responses, This is typically an indication that the comment is kicking off some debate.

    Generally speaking, comments on TikTok are more likely to get likes than replies.

    If the number of replies exceeds the number of people who like it, the likelihood is that they are fighting each other in the response section.


    In the end, “ratio” can be challenging to comprehend initially. Although the meme first appeared on Twitter, it has since gained an identity of its own on TikTok.

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