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what does sos mean on iphone

    If you’re an iPhone user, seeing the “S.O.S. Only Message” on your phone can be frustrating. If it cannot connect to a mobile network, this message appears on your iPhone status bar. Your device will only be able to place emergency calls.

    This situation may be frustrating, especially if you must use your mobile phone at work or personally. There are many ways to resolve the issue.

    This issue can be resolved by understanding why your iPhone is displaying the “S.O.S. Only.”

    What does “S.O.S.” mean?

    Morse Code, also known as the dots-dashes-spaces system, is used to transmit letters and numerals using dots-dashes spaces. Samuel F.B. invented it first in 1830. Samuel F.B. created the Morse code in 1830 and later refined it to the International Morse Code.

    PBS states that CQD was the first distress signal, meaning “seeking, you distress” or “all stations distress.” British troops used the CQD signal, while Germans used S.O.E. Americans used N.C.

    International Telegraphic Radio Conference in 1906 standardized communication by creating the S.O.S.

    S.O.S. signals were first used in the U.S.A. in 1909 by Arapahoe and then alongside CQD during the Titanic sinking. It was only after Titanic that the U.S. adopted it officially. U.S. naval operations signal with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

    Why does my iPhone display S.O.S. on the screen?

    Many reasons can be given for your iPhone to show S.O.S. First, your iPhone could not receive the right cellular coverage because it is in an unreliable area.

    Another possibility is that your SIM card does not support roaming or has changed its network in your iPhone’s settings. You may have inserted your SIM incorrectly, but even worse is if the SIM has stopped functioning due to nonpayment or physical damage.

    It would help if you fixed the connection to remove S.O.S. on your iPhone and use the cellular service.

    What to do if “S.O.S. Only” on iPhone is not working?

    It is possible to fix this problem if your iPhone shows “S.O.S. Only” or displays “S.O.S.” in its status bar or the Control Center.

    Make sure that you move around to a location with good coverage of cellular networks
    S.O.S. Only may be resolved after restarting iPhone. You can continue an iPhone using Face ID by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down, then holding the Power/Lock until you see Apple Logo on the screen. Within a short time, your iPhone will try joining the network.
    You should always use a SIM card that is dry and properly inserted.
    Update iOS software on iPhone. To do so, go to the Settings app and select Software Update.
    When you experience difficulties with cell service (such as seeing S.O.S. messages or S.O.S. Only on your device) or other solutions that have not worked, please contact your cellular provider.

    How do you repair S.O.S. on iPhone?

    Returning to a location with better coverage is the easy solution. You may have a problem if your phone doesn’t register a previous connection.

    This time, swipe downwards from the upper right corner of the screen and then tap the Cellular Data symbol to switch it off. You can tap it once more to bring it back. It’s possible that this won’t be enough to get your iPhone to remember it has a connection. If so, you can soft reset the iPhone.

    The screen will then appear with two sliding icons and a cancellation icon. By sliding the upper power icon right, your phone will turn off. Hold the side switch for a few seconds after your phone has been shut down.

    It should work as long as you have a signal. The S.O.S. should disappear from the status bar.

    How to find out if your iPhone has a new update for the carrier settings

    Ensure your device is linked to Wi-Fi and a cell phone network.
    Settings > Settings > General. The option will appear to update carrier settings if you have them.
    Click Settings > All > About, then Carrier.

    The best way to turn off your Cellular connection and then on again

    If your cellular network connection is inactive, go to Settings and click Cellular. Activate it if you have it turned off. You can then check if the service is available.

    Why does your iPhone have an S.O.S. condition?

    You may be frightened the first few times an S.O.S. icon appears in your status bar. On an iPhone, where the icon has never occurred before, this can be a particularly frightening experience—no need to fret. According to rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.), all US-based phone providers must transfer emergency calls directly to the center of choice, no matter their position.

    This unique icon displays in the place where the name of your carrier is usually displayed. This phone can send emergency 911 calls by using cell towers near you. No iPhone or Android device is required to have this capability. All phones are compatible with the U.S. In a zone where service is unavailable, getting help is still possible.


    You may wonder whether there is a correlation between Apple’s Emergency S.O.S. through the Satellite call feature and the issue. Both no and yes are the answers. Yes, but only on iPhone 14 and above.

    The answer is yes. iOS 16 could have accidentally tweaked specific iPhone settings. Hopefully, these fixes allowed you to disable S.O.S.

    How to fix the “S.O.S. Only” iPhone

    Because “S.O.S. Only,” is more a safety feature than an issue, you can fix the problem by simply moving to a location within range of the carrier’s wireless network. Use your iPhone’s Dual-SIM capability and subscribe to a mobile plan to avoid seeing the message often.

    Sometimes, your iPhone will “stick” to the “S.O.S. Only.” This can cause it to appear where you usually get a strong signal. Airplane Mode can be enabled by tapping the bottom-right corner, then toggling on/off the plane in Control Center.

    How to turn off emergency S.O.S. messages on iPhone

    Fixppo offers the fastest, most efficient way to stop emergency S.O.S. from appearing on iPhone. It will help you fix your problem without losing data or replacing hardware. Other issues relating to iOS can also be addressed.

    What to do if your iPhone stocks on the Emergency Call screen?

    Many factors could cause the problem. Restarting the iPhone can help if the iPhone is stuck on the screen with a call. You can force-restart the device if it is not responding to restart commands. If this still happens, iMyFone Fixppo will help fix the issue!

    The Conclusion

    This will allow you to regain coverage for your iPhone’s network and stop the ‘S.O.S. Only Text.’ You should also check if there is a network disruption. If you are experiencing the same problem, contact a colleague who also uses this carrier. Comment below if you thought this was useful! <— Read the article in full at…

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