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What Is Notification Grouping

    Your notifications for your smartphones or laptops and other devices inform you about what’s happening in your streaming, social media, service, and other accounts. Sometimes, however, excessive notifications may overwhelm you.

    We’ve published a thorough article about Notification Grouping and how you can use this feature. We also have looked at the management of notifications, scheduling an overview of notifications and how to alter group notifications’ settings.

    What is Notification Grouping? iPhone?

    Notification Grouping is a brand new feature added to iOS 12. This feature was planned to come into the market for a while, and people have been interested in the feature. This feature lets you organize all alerts within an application.

    If notifications are displayed as a set instead of separate tabs, The lock screen appears tidier and keeps users from being confused by the number of notifications.

    Android Notification Grouping

    Type any value into the “Group Key” field under the Android Options when Sending Push messages. It is the parameter android_group of the REST API. All notifications with the same key for grouping will be automatically grouped on the device.

    Automatically group your notifications when you have 4 or more notifications visible for your application, even if you do not create a group key.

    Automatically creates the text for the summary notice for the group notifications.

    The customized group message appears only on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) gadgets and earlier.

    The above should cover the most typical notification grouping situations and is the recommended path. Read the Android Group Notify Guide for more information.

    There are some limitations Android 7+ has for the summary notifications. You can only alter your text colour, accent colors, and small icons (not the large icon). But, you can alter the children.

    How to Use Grouped Notifications on iPhone

    First, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

    Then, you can go next to the “Notifications” section of Settings.

    Click on the “Notifications” option.

    Select the app you’d like to modify Notification Grouping in for. There isn’t a way to change Notification Grouping settings for all apps simultaneously.

    Click the app that you want to make notifications available.


    Scroll down, and then choose “Notification Grouping.” This option is located in the “Lock Screen Appearance” section; however, it also applies to the Notification Center.

    There are three distinct types of Notification Grouping. “Automatic” is the default.

    Automated: The notifications sent by the app are intelligently organized by topics, threads, and other factors.

    Through Apps: All notifications sent via the app are put together.

    Off: Notifications do not get categorized or grouped.

    This is all there is to this essential but powerful feature. In general, it’s best to use using the “Automatic” setting is best for most apps, but you might have some exceptions. There’s plenty you can modify to alter iPhone notifications to suit your preferences.

    Using Notifications on iPhone

    While Notification Grouping is an excellent option, it won’t help you in the most effective way If you’re unaware of how to utilize it. The good thing is that managing notifications isn’t as complicated as it appears, and you can create a notification summary for your device.

    Here’s how to go about making use of the notification system on your iPhone.

    Opening Notifications From Lock Screen

    To view your latest notification on the Lock Screen of your iPhone, You must press the screen or wake the phone. There are additional options you can access on this Lock Screen:

    Select one notification to start the app right away.

    Select a notification group to view all alerts on the app.

    Make sure you swipe left after the notification to take it off your hands or erase it off Your lock screen.

    Hold and tap the notification. Perform any actions quickly when the app suggests.

    If you would like to read the contents of the notification without locking the device, go into “Settings”> “Notifications”> “Show Preview” and choose “Always”.

    Take care of notifications

    For managing your notification on your Lock Screen or Notification Center:

    iPhone demonstrates how to manage notifications

    Swipe left on an alert or set of alerts.

    Tap Options Select Options, and then select one of these choices:

    Mute for 1 Hour

    Mute for Today

    View Settings

    Turn Off

    You can also select View Settings to modify the alert style or settings for a particular application.

    Change the way notifications are displayed.

    Requires an iPhone running iOS 16 or later.

    Go to Settings > Notifications.

    Under Display As, select the way you would like notifications to show on your Lock Screen:

    Count: Displays all notifications on the lower right of the page. It is possible to tap the count to show notifications.

    Stack: Displays notifications stacked to the bottom of the screen with the most recent notifications on top.


    In this article about Notification Grouping for iPhone, we’ve examined the significance of Notification Grouping, how to utilize notifications on your iPhone, and how to access alerts on your home screen. We also discussed modifying the settings for group notifications for iOS devices. iOS devices.

    Perhaps, you’re aware of the importance of Notification Grouping and will simplify your life by using this feature.

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