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What To Do With Your Dog On A Rainy Day

    While some dogs are fond of the thrill of puddle jumping, some dogs are likelier to look out the window and say no. However, even if the dog is scared of getting his fur ruined, he’s still in need of physical and mental stimulation so that it doesn’t end up in your shit list of damaging shoes or barking at the Zoom calls. We scoured the internet for 10 dog-friendly activities for rainy days so that rainy days don’t have to be boring.

    10 Ways To Exercise Your Dog On a Rainy Day

    The confinement of your home can make working out with your dog quite tricky. I’ve attempted cuddling Laika as we watched The Golden Girls all day, but she did not have anything to do with it. As with all dogs, she needs regular exercise, and a marathon of cuddling isn’t enough.

    The good news is that there are many simple methods you can keep your pup engaged indoors. Here are 10 ways to keep your dog active on a rainy day.

    Hidden Treats

    Training your dog to search for hidden treasures with just his eyes is a fun activity that will benefit your dog’s physique and mind. Start with something simple to ensure your dog understands the game and isn’t frustrated. Your dog should be placed in the position of “sit” or “stay” and then hide the treat or toy of his choice at a location that is easy to find. Then, give him the signal to search for the toy. When your dog is familiar with the game, You could make it harder by keeping the treat or toy in a different room or baskets and boxes. Your dog can explore the home and reward him when he locates the treasure hidden in the house. There are a variety of variations to playing this type of game. Don’t hesitate to come up with your ideas.

    Hide and look for

    It’s played the same way it does in it is similar to the Hidden Treats game, but now you’re the one to search for treasure. You’ll have to play with at least two players. One person will cue the dog to sit and stay while the other hides. Once you’re at your level, your dog will begin searching. This game can be played outdoors and indoors, and it’s a fun way to spend a rainy day playing with your pet.

    New techniques

    Learning new tricks and training techniques can be a fantastic method to keep your dog’s brain active, even when you’re confined to your home. Training your dog to perform tricks that require physical strength is a great way to exercise both mind and body. When you’re teaching basic instructions or learning new techniques, when you test your dog’s limits to the limit, he’ll likely get exhausted quickly.

    Food dispensing toys

    The food dispensing toys make a fantastic toy that keeps dogs entertained, stimulated and relaxed. Dispensing toys for food can be filled with a wide selection of treats and tastes suitable for the dog’s tastes. Various food dispensing toys are available on the market; however, the KONG Classic has been the most popular dog-friendly toy for over 30 years. The KONG is upright until the dog’s paw or nose pushes it. The KONG occasionally will give you tasty treats when it turns and rolls. The red, bouncy rubber toy is the ideal indoor toy for dogs who love to chew.

    Doggie play date

    You should consider planning a rainy date when your dog is a favourite companion or close buddy. When your dog’s friend arrives, make sure your dog is secure and locks any valuables or breakables. You probably already know that the dog’s playtime can be pretty wild!

    Tug of War

    Tug of war is among the most played games for Laika, and in terms of indoor games are concerned, it’s physically demanding. The minute-for-minute tug is among the most mentally and physically demanding games you can play with your pet. The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of space, making it a great option to keep your dog active during rainy days.

    All you require is a dog tug toy and your dog’s interest. If you don’t own an appropriate tug toy, you can make one yourself from towels, old t-shirts or even fleece.

    The tug game is an excellent method to get your dog moving, provided you train your dog to understand the rule that “the game stops if your teeth touch my hand.” This method could be a bit difficult for smaller and more active dogs. If you’re consistent in letting them know that any tooth touching your hand isn’t acceptable, they’ll soon be able to grasp. When it comes to tug, playing with your dog is an excellent opportunity to teach them essential behaviour control and impulse control.

    Contrary to what people think, tug does not cause your dog to become aggressive, and neither will let the winner take over, resulting in them becoming more dominant. Letting your dog make it more enjoyable and encourages them to engage more. Research has shown that dogs who toy with their owners are more loyal and confident.

    Chasing Bubbles

    Pursuing bubbles is an excellent method for your pet to stay engaged when it’s rainy. Laika enjoys chasing bubbles, and it’s an easy method of keeping my dog entertained, happy and active. Some bubbles can be bought specifically for dogs, or you can purchase one of the bottles from the shop since they are designed for kids and are safe.

    If your dog isn’t sure or has no clue what bubbles are, Here’s a short guide on how you can train your dog to pursue bubbles. Seriously, a couple of 3 minutes of chasing bubbles will do wonders on your puppy. It’s lots of fun, but it’s also physically demanding.

    Indoor Agility

    A great way to get exercise for your dog on a rainy day is to do indoor agility. You don’t require any expensive equipment, either. You can build your indoor obstacle course using everyday items like towels, brooms and boxes. With these items, you can let your dog leap over the broomsticks, “go to their towel,” and then weave their way through boxes.

    Use your imagination to think up a list of challenges your dog can follow. When your dog can master how to leap over the broomstick, you can move them on towards their towels. Learning from previous tricks such as this will help keep your dog’s mind stimulated, and it’s an excellent way to keep them focused. If you’re unsure how to begin, here are some ideas to create the perfect indoor agility program.

    Free Shaping

    Another enjoyable way to exercise your dog during an overcast day is to engage in some free-shaping. Shaping is creating a particular behaviour by using tiny steps to attain it. The principle behind shaping games is to encourage your dog to make its own choices and try different things.

    It’s an excellent way to stimulate your dog’s brain and also aids in developing new behaviour patterns for learning. Still confused? I’m sure you’re not alone. It took me some time to get it right until I watched this fantastic video from Dr Sophia Yin that explains how to perform a few basic exercises to shape your dog.

    The best part about Free Shapes is it’s versatile. You can do it indoors with a wide range of materials. If you’re unsure where to start with free shaping, look at 101 things you can make with a box to get some suggestions. If you’re searching for an exercise that doesn’t require boxes, here’s a clip of shaping a dog to crawl beneath an object.

    Trick Training

    Another great way to get exercise for your dog during a rainy day is to practice some classic trick training. If your dog is a little untrained, you can brush him over the basic skills like sitting, staying, lying down, and coming here.

    If you’re seeking more advanced tricks, moving your legs around and picking up toys is pretty impressive, and the best thing is that they’re not that difficult to master. If you’re unsure how to start your training in trick mastery, here’s a list of 52 tricks with directions you can practice.

    You could also consider giving your dog home-based tasks such as fetching your slippers. If you’re trying to impress your pals, teach your dog to bring you some food from the fridge. If you are teaching your dog how to open the refrigerator, wrap an apron around the handle, making it simple to off the doors.

    Fun that is Fit for a Purpose

    Dogs require physical as well as mental stimulation regularly. What amount you provide depends on the breed of your dog and temperament, age, activities, and overall health. Most dogs, especially young ones, require a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity and plenty of stimulation for their minds.

    A simple exercise will exhaust your dog’s body while keeping the mind active. This is why getting your dog involved with mental stimulation is crucial.

    The dogs addicted to mental stimulation often show unhappiness and discontent, resulting in disruptive, restless, and attention-seeking behaviours. These behaviours serve as an outlet for the dog’s excess energy.

    Lack of mental stimulation could cause obesity. The conditions that cause obesity are costly to treat. To avoid costly vet costs, get your pet’s health insurance now. The earlier you get insurance for your animal, the better security you’ll be protected from sudden vet bills.

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