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Where Is The Microphone On A Dell Laptop

    The COVID-19 time frame has made us aware of the importance of having built-in microphones in laptops. Laptops are used for classes, meetings, chatting with friends, and more in the work-from-home scenario. Therefore it is no surprise that our Dell laptops have been a great choice in this situation with their built-in microphones and impressive audio quality. We all have to struggle when another person isn’t able to hear our voice. You may be wondering how do I maintain my mouth open and talk?

    When you are in a conference, the most challenging part of a meeting is when the person you are meeting with cannot listen to your voice, and you’re not sure which microphone is installed on the laptop of Dell. Try speaking directly to the microphone when you know exactly where it is.

    In this post, we’ve explained where the microphone is on the Dell laptop and have listed ways you can pinpoint the exact position that the microphone is. Let’s get started.

    Where is the microphone located on Inspiron 3793 and other Dell models?

    A list of Dell Inspiron 3000 Series models (60) is equipped with a standard microphone placed on the body.

    6 Headset port

    Connect a headphone, microphone, or headset

    (headphone and microphone combination).

    3 Microphone

    High-quality digital sound input for audio

    Recordings, phone calls, and so on.

    Let’s find a solution using the Primary Solution for issues with the microphone if the microphone isn’t working.

    Can You Test Your Dell Laptop Microphone?

    It is possible to test a Dell laptop microphone quickly by entering the audio settings. But, you’ll need to ensure that the microphone isn’t muted and that the app is configured to play and receive sound from the microphone.

    Some users may notice that, even after trying to test their Dell laptop’s microphone, the microphone isn’t working when they attempt to utilize it.

    Thus, testing the microphone is the primary step in diagnosing any issues with the microphone that users might encounter.

    How To Find the Microphone on Dell Laptops

    Some of you may not find the microphone on your Dell laptop and aren’t sure whether it’s functioning! Check the instruction manual or other supporting documentation for your computer. If you still have not found the microphone or determined if it’s working correctly or not, we’ve provided two options below. Let’s see!

    Dell Audio Control Panel

    Click the blue button to activate the microphone on the keyboard (the built-in microphone).

    In the Dell Audio Control Panel, navigate into”Input.” From the Control Panel, click on the “Input” tab and find the option to connect an inbuilt microphone. If your laptop comes with an internal microphone, it will show”Internal Microphone” as an input device “Internal Microphone” as one of the input devices.

    Click on the “Microphone” tab, and there, you will be able to speak and then check the bar’s volume to determine whether the microphone is taking the sound correctly. You can also alter the volume levels according to your preferences.

    Select “OK” to save the settings.

    Hardware and Sound

    It is also possible to determine whether the microphone functions well and the exact position of the microphone by talking from different areas of the computer. Here’s how.

    Access the Control Panel on your Dell laptop by pressing Windows + S or typing “Control Panel” in the search bar.

    Go to”Hardware and Sound” in the “Hardware and Sound” section.

    Go to”Modify” under the “Sound” section and then proceed through”Recording” under the “Recording” tab.

    6 reasons why Dell’s Laptop Microphone Isn’t Working

    If you’re looking to connect with an old acquaintance via Skype or if you have an important meeting at work on Zoom this morning – or maybe it’s just a long game night with your most beloved friends?

    Whatever the reason you have to get your Dell microphone functioning on your laptop, it’s evident that this is important, and you’ll require answers. Fast!


    Dell has integrated microphones in different places on their laptops. The position varies for the type or the series. The Dell Inspiron series has microphones near the camera inside the bezel. The XPS series is located placed on the laptop’s front. Additionally, you can locate the microphone by talking close to the bezels or the laptop’s frontside and checking the level of sound in the bar by clicking “Control Panel” > “Hardware and Sound” > “Sound” > “Recording.”

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