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which nims guiding principle supports interoperability among multiple organizations?


    This is a vital idea that allows organizations of different sizes to work together if an incident occurs. This allows the company to be prepared to deal with various accidents that require specific standardization and coordination. Coordination among response teams and organizations across other departments is required.


    National Incident Management System (NIMS) is accountable for managing the incidents. The primary objectives of the system could be described as protecting lives, protecting our environment and ensuring activities in the event of an incident.

    To achieve these goals, employees apply the elements of NIMS following the “principles of flexibility, consistency and business unity” (NIMS Guiding Principles)

    The concept of flexibility allows NIMS to adapt and, in turn, appropriate for various occasions that differ in the environment, culture, hazards, and the geographical location and power of the organization.

    The purpose of unity in the effort is to coordinate the actions of various organizations to accomplish the same goals. It assists those responsible for particular regions of jurisdiction protect their original authority and simultaneously helping one another.

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