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Why Does Everyone Hate Ohio

    Ohio is among the US states that are located within the Midwestern region. Its location is ideal for those wishing to live in a warm and affordable area yet can easily reach major cities such as Chicago, New York, Washington, and Toronto. It is as easy as boarding the plane from Columbus or Cleveland, and within a couple of hours, you’ll be in New York, for example.
    Sounds great for travelers. There are indeed numerous benefits in Ohio. But the state is famous as a place of hatred by many Americans, even those residing there.

    1. Everyone Is A Raving Lunatic When It Comes To Football
      Ohio State fan

    “Ohio State fan” by by WDPG shares licensed under BY 2.0

    The worst part is that nearly 100 percent of the 11 million people living in Ohio lose their minds during football season. Everyone! Every Friday night, we go to the high school football game. On Saturdays, we catch Ohio State (even if you weren’t a student at the University) as well as on Sundays, we are adamant about our TVs, as it’s the Bengals and the Browns are just awry, even if somehow, in a miraculous confluence in events they can win the season. But the thing is, we’re willing to stay the same. We’re amazed, crazy. This is what makes us, you know us.

    1. We’ll Tell You We Have Good Chili-But Really, We Know Better
      It’s Skyline Chili Time!

    “It’s Skyline Chili Time!” by Indy Dina with Mr. Wonderful is licensed under the CC BY 2.0

    It’s no secret that Ohio has plenty of positive things it can boast about; however, chili isn’t among them. What’s Ohio’s most significant contribution to the path of chili? Skyline Chili. This is all there is to it. If you’re from Ohio, You already know about Skyline Chili, also called Cincinnati Chili. It’s a liquid, spicy meat sauce served on spaghetti noodles. Cincinnatians enjoy it, not because they grew up eating the dish. The rest of us hate Cincinnati chili, just as they should.

    1. Cincinnati Chili Is Better Than Caviar

    “Spaghetti on the Menu at Price Hill Chili” Spaghetti at Price Hill Chili Cincinnati, Ohio” by David Berkowitz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    You Cincy fans, please don’t make a call to ask me for my head just now. Here’s where I’ll be promoting your allspice, chocolate chili. If you were raised in Cincinnati or call the Tri-State region your home, then there is nothing better than a 3Way (I know I grew up within The Nasty Nati). Remember, Cincinnatians are part of the culinary minority in this region.

    1. We Get Super Annoyed By People Who Can’t Tell The Difference Between Our State And Iowa.13 Ohio Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

    At some point in each Ohioan’s life, we’re confronted by a person who believes that Ohio or Iowa are indistinguishable. We know which state is superior. Also, get an existing map and get a map of the people!

    1. When It Comes To Candy, It’s Buckeyes Or Nothing
      These chocolate and peanut butter confections are Ohio’s gift to the world. If you’re born in Ohio, it is genetically impossible for you not to be able to create these sweets and then consume them by the handful (after a handful).
    2. There Are Only Three Types Of Ohioans
      This is the social politics of Ohio. It is believed that you are from the three regions. If you’re in one of the three regions, it is possible that you do not reside in Ohio. The regions include Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. The people of Cincinnati and Cleveland dislike each other due to football. Both cities are unaware of Columbus being considered the bizarre hipster city in Ohio, but it’s an urban college town.
    3. Everyone Claims To Be From A Major Ohio City
      While discussing The Three C’s, here’s another one: Most Ohio residents are suburban residents but claim to reside in…oh, you can choose one that begins with the letter C.
    4. Every Four Years, We Want To Murder The Media And Politicians
      When it’s time for the nation’s citizens to select the next politician who is stupid (crazy?) enough to desire to be President of the United States, the entire state of Ohio is in a state of mental. A swarm of uninformed journalists, pollsters, hangers-on, and other naysayers come to Ohio. They are ready to remind us that Ohio is Buckeye State, a swing state, and an indicator. We get warm, fuzzy, murderous sentiments for these folks. (Grit the teeth of your dear friends. This is coming back earlier than you imagine.)
    5. We Are Friendly
      Apart from wanting to go through the entire staff at CNN occasionally and some fights between Cleveland and Cincinnati, we are a very friendly group. We’ll welcome you a meal if you’re new to our area. It’s similar to “Leave It To Beaver” but for a whole state. We’d love to be your ally; we truly do.
    6. We Drink Cheap Beer And Are Proud Of It
      You can enjoy your favorite craft beers. All we require is an affordable craft beer that is preferably domestic and consumed with a group of friends around an intimate fire in the backyard. Additionally, drinking a beer in a bottle can make our hearts get “uppity.”


    It’s not true that Ohio is the worst state in the United States. This state has problems with jobs and salaries, and the weather in Ohio could be better. Yet, the state is loved by many millions of people. It’s slowly growing, and we hope it will be a destination where people want to return.

    However, it would help if you considered all the inconveniences discussed above so you’re prepared to face some difficulties.

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