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Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me

    Cats are fascinating creatures that are difficult to comprehend by just looking at them.

    Your cat is a novel that you’ll never finish. When you think that you’ve read it all, the cat will come up with another one.

    Sometimes your pet might take a few moments to lick your face and then bite you after.

    What’s the reason behind the contradictory behavior?

    It will help if you read the following article to understand the reasons behind this peculiar behavior.

    Why is it that it hurts when my cat bites me?

    You might feel uncomfortable when your cat kisses you, especially if she’s often licking an area of your face or hand. This is due to the spines and barbs on the back of her tongue, known as the papillae. It’s scoop-shaped, hollow, making it possible to hold and store saliva.

    The discomfort you experience could be due to the sandpaper sensation that occurs when your cat’s tongue rubs across your body. The barbs are used to take dirt off cats’ coats, which is why they need to be razor-sharp so that cats can be capable of keeping their coats clean.

    An Attack or a Way of Communicating?

    Cats can bite for various reasons, including showing control, reacting to danger, deflecting attention from people, or conveying pleasant things. This is the case for adult cats, as kittens are often bitten to socialize or to explore the world within them.

    We are talking of a specific scenario that involves a cat who is bitten and licks you. Most of the time, it happens not aggressive that can be confusing for people since the cat isn’t unhappy, but they do not appear to be completely content either.

    Why Does My Cat Bite me and then bite me?

    If your cat comes up to you and gives you a few licks and then bites you when you didn’t put them first, and they appear at peace and content, they’re probably seeking to convey love.

    The nip on the cheek is a typical method of showing their affection. I’m afraid that your cat might not know that this love could be uncomfortable for you to experience.

    Kittens and even adult cats often kiss and nibble at each other. Their skin is thicker than ours, and it is likely not to harm them. Your cat may think that this is an excellent method to show affection for you.

    What Can We Know About Cat Behavior?

    It’s first essential to be aware that you can’t engage in an open conversation with your cat… and any other cat. It means it’s a matter of making educated assumptions as to why cats behave in specific ways, and we must be able to rely on context (aka how much else is happening) to better understand the behavior.

    This is why we’ll provide three possible explanations that your cat might bite and lick you before delivering plenty of clues to watch out for to determine which is the most sensible.


    The way cats communicate with owners is by using various body language and behaviors, and one method of doing this is by biting and licking. The cat might lick or bite you to signal playtime or show affection. It could also indicate that she’s overstimulated and needs some time off. It could be a sign that she’s stressed, and you need to take her immediately to the veterinarian to receive prompt treatment.

    The next time your cat is licking and bites you, attempt to eliminate stress as a factor from the problem. If you aren’t able to, consult a veterinarian.

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