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Why is network provided time wrong

    Are you experiencing issues finding your device that displays the wrong date and date? The problem could be due to issues or incorrect dates and times. Deleting and then enabling auto-date and time features could assist. If not, you could reset your computer or upgrade your operating system.

    I’ve encountered this issue at least a couple of times. Numerous solutions exist, but I’ve managed to eliminate them using the tips below.

    How Do I Fix Network Provided Time?

    If your smartphone keeps giving you an incorrect time, you may be running late for a scheduled appointment or miss a television show due to this issue. Here’s how to fix the problem without having to reboot your device. To begin, go to the Settings menu and turn off the network’s time option. If the issue persists, you can try restarting your device. Making your device display the correct time could take a few tries.

    To solve this issue, you must disconnect from wifi. Afterwards, you must select the device you want to connect to on the screen. You may also deactivate and re-enable the date zone option. You can choose manually if the time zone doesn’t reflect an accurate time zone. This issue could occur while you travel and must be fixed by manually connecting to wifi or selecting the correct time zone. If you follow these steps, the problem with your time zone will be solved.


    Update Date & Time on Your Android Device

    Tap Settings to open the Settings menu. Tap Date & Time. Tap Automatic. If this option is switched off, ensure that you have selected the right Date, Time and time zone.


    Each provider has an internal clock that is adjusted to the time standard of the country in question. If you opt for this option, you’re in the position of setting the time that your network provider sets if you are in international roaming; when the same provider is in the country you are roaming, the time will automatically adjust instead of changing.

    Why Is the Automatic Time on My Phone Wrong?

    Most likely, it’s because your time zone has been misconfigured, or you manually set it in the wrong way. If you have the wrong time zone on the phone, even though the time switch is turned on and working, it will display the wrong time.

    First, check your internet connection.

    While not often considered serious by many people, a weak or no internet connection could cause a “there was a problem communicating with Google servers” error on your phone. Because this issue is related to network connectivity in the first instance, it is recommended to check your phone’s connectivity before attempting other ways to resolve the Google server issue on your phone.

    It’s pretty easy, and you must run a web search on another app. You can open your internet browser or send an SMS to WhatsApp to verify your connection. If other apps fail to join the internet, there are some suggestions to fix your network.

    If you’re connected to a mobile network, switch on Airplane mode for approximately 30 minutes. After that, turn the way off again and enable the mobile network’s data.
    You could try restarting your router when you’re on a wifi network. After that, restart your device to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

    How to Set the Right Time on Your Android Device

    If this is the first time your Android device’s clock is off, you may have to change it manually once. To alter the time of the Android 10 device, go to:

    Time and date

    You can change the time manually when the program is in Date & Time. However, you’ll have to turn off the network’s Use Time option. Then the possibility of altering the date and time will appear.

    The timer provided by the network is rarely the wrong time; however, if this particular time, simply turning it off and back on could be enough to fix the issue.

    If your Android phone is operating on Android 9, You can set the time manually via:

    General management
    Date and time
    Disable automatic date and time.
    Manually set the date and time.

    Update Your Device

    A system update can help resolve a myriad of problems with the operating system. If you suspect the OS is the cause, try giving the update a go. The exact location could differ between different models. However, the process generally is identical.

    Go to the Settings of your phone.
    Look for the “About device” or “About phone” option. It’s in many phones’ “System” or the “System” tab.
    Locate and tap to open the “Software update” option. Some devices might offer this option beneath the “System” “System” tab.
    Click “Check for updates.”
    If there’s a newer OS version that is available, install it.

    Take Google from your device. Google Account from your device

    You’ll always need to log out of your Google account from your phone, reset several core Google apps, and sign in to your Google account to fix the issue of connecting to Google servers on the device. Let’s first help you get rid of the report using the steps following.

    Open your device Settings.
    Open Accounts, then find the Account and click it.
    Choose Your Google Account from the drop-down menu.
    Tap REMOTE ACCOUNT to close the Account. You may also require a 3 dots button on the top-right of the screen to begin, based on the version of Android you are using. Android version.
    Examine the contents that follow, Then tap REMOTE ACCOUNT once more to confirm the procedure.

    What is the reason my phone shows two times?

    Dual clocks will be displayed on the lock screen. Dual clocks will appear on the lock screen when the following conditions are satisfied: Dual clocks are enabled, and Home city is set. To enable it, go to Settings, look for and open Dual clocks. You are in an entirely different time zone than the time zone of your home city.

    How can I eliminate the dual clocks on Android?

    Check your time and date settings, and then turn off “auto” for date and time. Choose the time zone in which you are at the moment. It will do the trick. The widget can automatically return to just one clock.

    Final Thoughts

    There are many reasons you might encounter this error. In most cases, this happens because you’ve failed to disable this feature that automatically calculates time and dates. It is possible that you were playing with your device when this occurred.

    The smartphone’s clock may also be off because of isolated bugs or glitches. Restarting your Android phone or upgrading it to the most recent firmware will fix the issues with automatic time zones.

    Tips and tricks to find the right time work with all smartphones, regardless of the model or age. We hope you find them helpful.

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