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Will iMessage Say Delivered if Blocked?

    Does iMessage show it was delivered even if blocked? It is the most reliable instant messaging app for Android and iOS. Besides WhatsApp, Imessage is one of the top apps to use for messages. I like how it does not compress messages as Whatsapp.

    Like another instant messaging app, you can block or remove someone from Imessage, particularly when a person is a person who is not a friend to you. But, it can be painful and irritating to find out that you’ve been blocked by someone using iMessage.

    The signs that someone’s iPhone number has blocked you

    The fact that someone doesn’t respond isn’t necessarily the first sign that the person has blocked. It could be because they’re unavailable or did not receive a message from you that you sent to them. The Mac typically doesn’t receive notifications if you have messages routed to multiple devices, such as iPhones and iPods.

    However, there are some obvious indicators that you’ve been denied access.

    How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone

    It is possible to combine the techniques below to determine whether you’re blocked or if the person is inaccessible, out of range, or has Do Not Disturb mode activated. These methods may provide valuable clues. However, there’s no foolproof method to determine who blocks you from using iPhone. In this article, we’ll go over four ways to determine that someone has blocked you by studying text messages and the red flags to be aware of when you contact them.

    Did you receive an automated reply to your message? Your iPhone isn’t blocked!

    The first suggestion is fairly simple. Someone else might be using an automatic text reply if they’re on the Do Not Disturb setting or Driving Focus mode enabled. Suppose you get the automated response text to any message you send, great news! You’re not blocked because these auto-generated text messages do not go through to numbers that are blocked by iPhones.

    How do you know whether someone has blocked you on iMessage?

    If you’re blocked from accessing your phone, you won’t get “Delivered” or “Read” beneath the text bubbles that have recently been updated. It is crucial to remember that this option only works if the other party has an iPhone. If they have an Android phone, then your iPhone will not show delivery notifications.

    Here’s a great trick on the best way to know when you’re being blocked from iMessage. Take a look at the text you last sent before the time you think that you’ve been blocked. If the prior iMessage reads “Delivered” under the message bubble, but the current one doesn’t, it could indicate it’s because you’re blocked.

    If you get the iMessage Not Delivered error instead, you might want to follow the steps in the section.

    Recipient Disabled iMessage on Their Device

    Most iMessage users prefer to save the blue and read receipts; however, some prefer to turn off iMessage from their mobile devices.

    Ideally, the receivers would allow the option for sending or receiving SMS if iMessage is not accessible. However, they may not be able to turn this feature on. Certain users cannot enable the feature, or devices aren’t connected to a plan that allows text messages to receive and send SMS.

    Network Issues

    Be aware that iMessage requires an internet connection to send messages back and forth. If one of you is experiencing connectivity issues with your network or problems with connectivity, messages may not be delivered.

    Try sending it again to ensure there wasn’t an issue; then, you can check other network-dependent tasks on your smartphone. If you’re a consistent connection, you likely have network issues, or your recipient blocks your calls.

    Why can’t block users’ show on a conversation?

    Members who are blocked are not visible in any chat room. They are temporarily barred from chat rooms and cannot send messages. Users who have blocked members cannot send messages to those who are blocked. (If they are moderators, however, they can communicate with all members.) However, the user’s chat room cannot be accessed through your chat area.

    Do blocked messages go out even if they are you are not blocked?

    Blocked messages cannot be delivered until they are unblocked. Messages not delivered before being stopped will appear next time the user becomes part of the conversation.

    In this case, the iMessage that you send is not delivered.

    It is possible to confirm this by having a different friend using iMessage send an email to the exact recipient. If the message is successful, it is probably an issue on your end with your gadget or that the recipient has blocked your message.

    What to do when someone blocks you

    Sending and calling messages are the most common methods to make contact with someone. However, they are not the only means. One word of caution before proceeding. If someone asks to be left alone, it is best to. Concerning someone’s health can be fine. However, threatening them isn’t.

    Here are a few other options for contacting those who block you:

    Social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat – all have customized chat features that you can use to contact an individual to find out whether they’re okay. It won’t impact the other apps even if they block your number.

    Email. When your email is blocked by someone else, the email addresses associated with your contact on their iPhone will also be blocked from the Mail application. Try sending emails using a different email address.

    Contact a different number. Is voicemail the first thing you hear? Try calling a number that isn’t known to the person. If the calls continue to go to voicemail, it’s likely not an issue with blocking. If the phone occurs more than times, it’s a sign that the number you’re calling is blocked.


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